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Forums :: Blog World :: Eklund: Canucks MUST Contain Edmonton Power Play
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Sunday @ 7:26 PM ET
Eklund: Canucks MUST Contain Edmonton Power Play
Edmonton Oilers
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Sunday @ 8:33 PM ET
Scotty Bowman was looking at the combined PP/PK success before Ken Hitchcock had his first cheeseburger.
Edmonton Oilers
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Sunday @ 11:14 PM ET
This is the year of the Oil. We're due.
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San Jose Sharks
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Monday @ 1:47 AM ET
Be careful; you may end up like the NHL commercial where the Vegas fan gets a tattoo of them winning the Cup in 2019...and we know what happened there

New York Islanders
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Monday @ 7:12 AM ET
Oilers goaltending and defense has been otherworldly too. Like, some world Thanos has recently visited.
Adam French
Atlanta Thrashers
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Monday @ 7:35 AM ET
This is the year of the Oil. We're due.
- Oildrum

They got the EK curse. Sorry mate.
Vancouver Canucks
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Monday @ 10:35 AM ET
Yes, very true, however, everything else about their game sucks. Goaltending is atrocious, no secondary scoring, McBaby and Draisaitl playing 35 minutes a night. It’s a two man show that can be beaten by a team.
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Monday @ 10:53 AM ET
Too bad they have no goalie Skinner is not a quality netminder Should be considered no better than a back up