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Paul Stewart
Joined: 10.14.2013

Feb 29 @ 9:52 AM ET
Paul Stewart: My Advice to Matt Rempe
Philadelphia Flyers
Location: Bethlehem, PA
Joined: 06.25.2012

Feb 29 @ 10:36 AM ET
Nice story, Paul.

Funny thing about it, two women I know were asking me about the fights he had. In fact, a lot of people brought it up. There was genuine interest.
What does that say about a heavyweight tilt in the NHL?

I’m not saying bring back the staged nonsense, but letting the boys go when appropriate, keeps the fans interest up, helps build and maintain the rivalries, and can even change the momentum of a game. It’s a part of the game, for the most part, that has been legislated out. So stupid!

I agree with you Paul, the kid could use your wisdom and insights. However, every once in a while, a ten bell tussle energizes the game.
Philadelphia Flyers
Location: Hightstown, NJ
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Mar 5 @ 8:25 PM ET
Good read sir. Appreciate it greatly. Of officials who played in your era who was your favorite?