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Zak MacMillan
Columbus Blue Jackets
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Feb 9 @ 12:00 PM ET
Zak MacMillan: CBJ - Buckeye Stadium | Captain Staying Put
Joined: 03.16.2009

Feb 9 @ 1:35 PM ET
Thanks for all the great news!

Glad they are not moving Jenner if this holds.

Sadly, it won't be at Ohio Stadium (this is it's name Zak) until the CBJ at least is a playoff team, which might happen after Anaheim, Arizona, and Ottawa are. But it is good to see they are working on it.
Columbus Blue Jackets
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Feb 9 @ 2:00 PM ET
Zak MacMillan: CBJ - Buckeye Stadium | Captain Staying Put
- Zak MacMillan

Columbus and Detroit’s major history comes from their time in the Central Division of the Western Conference, and the Jackets’ first ever playoff opponent.

Probably historical for the franchise, but for the Red Wings nothing more than a footnote in their illustrious history. They need to sell this game like it's the Wolverines vs the Buckeyes .

Concerning Jenner, I love Boone to death, wish we had 17 more of him playing , but it's time to hand in the keys. Same can be said about Gaudreau and Laine, give them a thank you for hanging around card , because there are problems (notably the coaching staff) that stem deeper than what a simple retool can do....
Chicago Blackhawks
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Feb 10 @ 1:45 PM ET
Has Boqvist been steady defensively this season??what about bruising forwards outmuscling him?

Would like to know the same as applies to Jake Bean