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Paul Stewart
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Feb 8 @ 4:12 AM ET
Paul Stewart: Chirping Zebras
Philadelphia Flyers
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Feb 8 @ 8:24 PM ET
Nice Paul. I’ll have to check out the podcast.

Love the story about Andre Savard, too.

I do the same thing to a guy in high school during a game. We only had one Ref and one linesman, so sometimes skirmishes happened before they could be broken up. I goaded a guy into a second swing with a line similar to yours, and dropped him w an uppercut. I know it was probably ill advised, but sometimes the testosterone level takes over. My hand swelled up so much, I couldn’t get a glove on, and got a 3 game suspension. Funny how much space you get on the ice, when word gets around. Now it’s fun to look back on the antics that took place, and the fun we had!

Keep the heat on the NHL refs to be more consistent!

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Feb 11 @ 10:36 PM ET