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Forums :: Blog World :: Eklund: RUMORs: On Tanev, Tarasenko, Boone Jenner, and the Rumor Chart TONIGHT.
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Feb 5 @ 1:00 PM ET
Eklund: RUMORs: On Tanev, Tarasenko, Boone Jenner, and the Rumor Chart TONIGHT.
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Feb 5 @ 1:04 PM ET
hot dog the rumor charts
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Feb 5 @ 1:12 PM ET
Eklund: RUMORs: On Tanev, Tarasenko, Boone Jenner, and the Rumor Chart TONIGHT.
- Eklund

Wouldn't surprise me if Torts is asking Briere for Jenner, if it were up to him he would of shifted him for 60 minutes on all 82 games.
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Feb 5 @ 1:25 PM ET
The Leafs, Penguins, and even the Canucks are keeping all options open and would love to add some on the back end. Tanev does what he does as well as they come...

Doesn't Tanev exclusively play RD? Letang and Karlsson average a combined 49+ minutes/game leaving almost zero time for whoever the 3RD is to play. Pittsburgh badly needs another LD as Sullivan is already not liking Graves much.
Colorado Avalanche
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Feb 5 @ 1:57 PM ET
On Boone Jenner...

Every deadline there is a player, who may not be a star, but has the kind of impact that can raise hardware at the end. The "Butch Goring Affect." This year's Goring may very well be Columbus Blue Jacket forward Boone Jenner...Jenner brings skill, but along with the skill he brings flexibility and the kind of heart/leadership that usually can't be bought at the deadline. Teams with interest include: Boston, New Jersey, Florida, Edmonton and Philly...

You know there's this one team whose GM was an AGM in the Columbus organization and whose head coach coached in the Colombus organization and in fact was on the Springfield Falcons' staff when Jenner played for that team. Not only that but an extraordinary number of players have played for the team that the AGM moved to after playing for Columbus. In fact so many former Blue Jackets have played for that team that it's a running joke among fans of that team, whenever they acquire a new player, to ask which former Blue Jacket they obtained this time. The list includes (but is not limited to):

Matt Calvert
Jack Johnson
Ryan Johansen
Derrick Brassard
Blake Comeau
Cody Golebuf
Ryan Murray
Marko Dano
Kevin Connaughton
Rene Bourque
Brandon Saad
Lukas Sedlak
TJ Tynan
Ian Cole
Stefan Matteau

If anyone is inquiring about Jenner, I wonder if that team is included? They seem to be looking for center help.
New York Rangers
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Feb 5 @ 3:24 PM ET
Jenner would be a perfect fit with the Rangers.
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Feb 5 @ 4:35 PM ET
Nothing newsworthy here BLAH
Minnesota Wild
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Feb 5 @ 5:08 PM ET
I don’t see why Minnesota would be going after Tarasenko. They could maybe use a cheap center like hometown boy Tommy Novak. Sell MAF, Maroon and Dehaime and bring in a young Russian and see what Chisholm can do. But I don’t have sources.

Keyser soze
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Feb 5 @ 5:21 PM ET
Did I read that right. Ek was calling Dominoes all weekend?
Komisaurus Rex
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Feb 5 @ 6:21 PM ET
BC vs BU tonight at the Gahden, does that mean we get Lane if BU loses? And future Hab Celebrini

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Honourable mention - Tij Iginla
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Feb 5 @ 9:18 PM ET
Jenner to Edmonton would be amazing! Precisely what they need.
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Feb 6 @ 10:22 AM ET
I see you removed “tonight” from your headline about the Rumor chart. Smart.
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Feb 6 @ 6:21 PM ET
can someone POST the link to the rumor chart