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Forums :: Blog World :: Dan Wallace: Addison Signed To 1-Yr Deal
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Dan Wallace
Joined: 09.15.2005

Sep 19 @ 8:54 PM ET
Dan Wallace: Addison Signed To 1-Yr Deal
Minnesota Wild
Joined: 06.26.2021

Sep 19 @ 9:45 PM ET
I imagine Addison was looking for more than a 1 year deal with more money. But Guerin won out here. Addison has good possession numbers and he’s good on the breakout. But Faber looked solid in his own end. Addison would have to get stronger and develop defensively or Faber would have to struggle mightily for Addison to get into the top 4.

Addison looks like an Erik Gustafsson clone to me. If he doesn’t learn to play defense he’s going to see playoff scratches no matter who he plays for. This is a good show me deal. I like the signing but he’s not for long if he continues to lag defensively.

Minnesota Wild
Joined: 10.19.2008

Sep 20 @ 5:01 AM ET
Dang, wish it would have been a 3 year deal. Now, if he has a good year, the Wild will be finger cuffed into giving more money then he has proven his worth.
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Minnesota Wild
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Sep 20 @ 2:58 PM ET
No way in hell is he worth a 3 year deal. If things go right for Addison, I think he will be traded. I imagine Guerin has had enough of his pouting. Addison is a defenseman, so he has to play defense. The interview with Evason in the Athletic is really telling. When Evason said, point blank, Addison needs to play defense with the same intensity and grit as he does when on the PP. Addison thinks his "ability" on the PP will carry him in the NHL...it will not. I really think that spot on the PP is just being kept warm for Carson Lambos. Or another scenario could be that Spurgeon will eventually drop in the pairings as the younger D men start coming up. I can see the final 2-3 years of Spurgeon's contract having him play on the 3rd pairing, to keep him fresher, and spending most of his time on the PP unit. There's enough young talent that is getting close to being on the roster that BG is hoping that Addison has a decent year, so he can get rid of him come the trade deadline. Then Spurgeon can take over on the #1 PP.