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Forums :: Free Agency Tracker :: Tarasenko one year deal?
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Location: Brampton
Joined: 08.09.2006

Jul 25 @ 1:05 PM ET
Tarasenko one year deal? Heading more and more that Tarasenko will be going for a one year deal if he can land it with a contender…Keep your eye on Florida…
Carolina Hurricanes
Joined: 02.15.2007

Jul 25 @ 1:09 PM ET
Why the Rangers logo if we are keeping an eye on Florida? Bet he doesn't sign in either place.
Pittsburgh Penguins
Joined: 10.05.2005

Jul 25 @ 1:09 PM ET
So if he wants to go to a contender, why would he sign with NYR!!!
New Jersey Devils
Location: Hilton Head Island, SC
Joined: 02.17.2009

Jul 25 @ 1:28 PM ET
His last team was the Rags, so assume that's the correlation between the photo and the post
Location: New York, NY
Joined: 03.29.2013

Jul 25 @ 1:33 PM ET
Hasn't this been a rumor for about three months? He'll sign cheap on a contender or a one year deal on a crap team for fair pay and hope to get traded to a contender at the deadline.
Joined: 04.13.2021

Jul 25 @ 1:45 PM ET
So basically what you updated two days ago, except this time the Sens, Pens, and Leafs weren't mentioned.

My bet is the Penguins told him if we can't acquire Karlsson we'll sign you. So he's just waiting around for that domino. Either that, or the Yamamoto domino.
New York Islanders
Location: NY
Joined: 11.03.2008

Jul 25 @ 2:17 PM ET
Why the Rangers logo if we are keeping an eye on Florida? Bet he doesn't sign in either place.
- rebaker501

Keep your other eye on NY.

Toronto Maple Leafs
Location: Red Deer, AB
Joined: 07.14.2010

Jul 25 @ 4:56 PM ET
After the Leafs trade Willie Ny for a bushel of prospects Tarasako will be replacing him on the Leafs!! Win win for Tree!!
Ottawa Senators
Joined: 10.19.2013

Jul 27 @ 7:55 PM ET
Good call... as Maxwell Smart would say... "missed it by that much!".

Welcome to Ottawa, TarasenShow!
Joined: 08.20.2010

Jul 28 @ 10:10 AM ET
Dammit , you made me keep my eye on Floriday and missed Ottawa with the other eye....