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Forums :: Blog World :: Dan Wallace: Duhaime, Wild Avoid Arbitration Hearing
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Dan Wallace
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Jul 16 @ 11:52 PM ET
Dan Wallace: Duhaime, Wild Avoid Arbitration Hearing
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Jul 17 @ 10:58 AM ET
Ok, I am good with this signing. Duhaime is a player that knows his role on the roster and generally does a decent enough job of it. His speed is a very good asset. This leaves the Wild with about $6.320 mil in cap space now. I still would like to see Gus signed for at least 2 years...maybe $3.3 mil per year. Would prefer it to be 3 years. That would leave about $3mil in cap space. That's mean, unfortunately, Addison will be re-signed to a "prove-it" contract, probably around $900k. I don't think he warrants a raise over last year, but that is probably what is going to happen. That would leave about $2.1 mil in cap space, which basically gets eaten up from Faber and Rossi, as combined they are about $1.8 mil.

So all said and done, Wild should be right around $300k of cap space with their roster filled. I would rather that Addison was traded away for anything they could get, but his possibly cheap contract will keep him on the roster. Otherwise, the Wild would have to go with a Dakota Mermis or Daemon Hunt (both under the $900k) as part of the 5,6 and 7 dmen rotation. So all the talk of Dumba coming back can stop now...unless you honestly believe Dumba will sign for $1mil.