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Forums :: Free Agency Tracker :: Newhook Extended by Canadiens
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Jul 11 @ 9:01 AM ET
Newhook Extended by Canadiens 4 years. Just under $3M per. Solid signing. Great cap hit.
Montreal Canadiens
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Jul 11 @ 9:19 AM ET
2.9M/yr, 4yrs, still RFA at the end of this contract
Montreal Canadiens
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Jul 11 @ 1:58 PM ET
2.9M/yr, 4yrs, still RFA at the end of this contract
- Symba007

Montreal Canadiens
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Jul 11 @ 4:23 PM ET
Surprised to see nobody in here poopting all over this??

Great deal!!
Komisaurus Rex
Montreal Canadiens
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Jul 11 @ 5:49 PM ET
Some bozos on Colorado sports radio were saying Newhook is a monumental bust??

Colorado Avalanche
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Jul 12 @ 11:57 AM ET
There seem to be 2 distinct groups of casual Avs fans - one group never thinks a prospect was given enough opportunities and the other thinks if they don't start out their career like Makar they're a bust. Sandy Clough in that clip has been saying moronic stuff about the Avs for nearly 30 years.

Newhook is going to be a good player. He will very likely eventually be the Habs 2C. He very likely eventually would have been the Avs 2C. But he wasn't yet and they needed him to be ready now. His draft was timed for him to be ready to take over Kadri's spot when Kadri's contract ended and it just didn't work out and they needed to get value for him to go in another direction. He's a talented kid, fast with good hands and a nice shot. He needs to get harder to knock off the puck.