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Forums :: Free Agency Tracker :: Killorn to Anaheim (e4)
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Location: Brampton
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Jul 1 @ 3:35 PM ET
Killorn to Anaheim (e4) Look out....The Ducks surprising me today.
Anaheim Ducks
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Jul 1 @ 3:43 PM ET
Joined: 07.10.2007

Jul 1 @ 4:54 PM ET
I'm already fine with what GMPV has done!
Anaheim Ducks
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Jul 1 @ 6:26 PM ET
This is such a joke. Why are the Ducks overpaying for other teams free agents. Especially old free agents.
Tampa Bay Lightning
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Jul 2 @ 8:23 AM ET
Killorn is a good player, but he'll never put up numbers again like he did last season.