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Forums :: Free Agency Tracker :: JVR to Bruins (e2)
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Location: Brampton
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Jul 1 @ 12:14 PM ET
JVR to Bruins (e2) One year deal.
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Boston Bruins
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Jul 1 @ 12:18 PM ET
JVR to Bruins (e2)

One year deal.

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Whyyyy 😂
Joined: 08.16.2016

Jul 1 @ 12:21 PM ET
Odd signing. 34 year old in steep decline. Can no longer play in the top six. Offers nothing in the bottom six.
Boston Bruins
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Jul 1 @ 12:59 PM ET
Would rather have signed Wheeler.
Philadelphia Flyers
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Jul 1 @ 4:10 PM ET
For 1m, you could do a lot worse. He can give quality bottom 6 numbers.