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Forums :: Free Agency Tracker :: Lucic to Bruins, Reaves to the Leafs.
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Location: Brampton
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Jul 1 @ 9:19 AM ET
Lucic to Bruins, Reaves to the Leafs. I bet they will be great friends this year. But seriously, are these good signings?
Toronto Maple Leafs
Location: Bradford, ON
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Jul 1 @ 9:27 AM ET
I don't mind the Reeves add in Toronto
Joined: 06.23.2014

Jul 1 @ 9:37 AM ET
Reallyyy don’t like the term with Reaves. And if we’re nickel & diming Nylander/Matthews/Marner, why are we shelling out for him?
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Jul 1 @ 10:06 AM ET
Lucic is toast ….. Reaves will help leaf’s they need to get much tougher and he’s the epitome of tough. Term shouldn’t matter cheap enough to buy out.,
Toronto Maple Leafs
Joined: 01.27.2007

Jul 1 @ 11:00 AM ET
I don't mind the Reeves add in Toronto
- Boyzy

I don't either as long as the money is not too high. There's very few guys in the league he doesn't scare the poop out of. On a softish team like the Leafs he settles things down from day one. There'll be way less guys running around and pestering Matthews and Marner this year.