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Forums :: Free Agency Tracker :: Oilers working hard to move Yamamoto Tonight…Vancouver(e3)
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Location: Brampton
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Jun 28 @ 6:30 PM ET
Oilers working hard to move Yamamoto Tonight…Vancouver(e3) Hearing they could swap Yamamoto for Connor Garland….Interesting if it happens…
Calgary Flames
Location: K Town
Joined: 09.02.2014

Jun 28 @ 6:34 PM ET

Sounds like a small trade here.
Joined: 01.26.2012

Jun 28 @ 6:38 PM ET
even with a 50% retention, that doesn't make a lot of sense for the oilers
Edmonton Oilers
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Jun 28 @ 6:40 PM ET
Is this a height joke?
Vancouver Canucks
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Jun 28 @ 6:44 PM ET
I wouldn't mind getting rid of the Garland contract. If I had to make some guesses I would say Canucks get rid of Garland, sign a guy like Orlov, and hope beyond hope someone wants Myers. If Bertuzzi is truly available... they should be doing anything they can to get him.