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Forums :: Free Agency Tracker :: Source: Erik Karlsson WILL be Traded.
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Jun 28 @ 10:23 AM ET
Source: Erik Karlsson WILL be Traded. If we go back to the deadline, when Edmonton was working hard to make a deal, the rumor was San Jose was willing to take a hard stance because there was a team or two out there telling San Jose they would do better at the draft. Today I got a text saying, "Karlsson is moving on. Maybe not today, but before Saturday.."
Calgary Flames
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Jun 28 @ 10:25 AM ET
Which means probably Sunday or not at all.
Toronto Maple Leafs
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Jun 28 @ 10:56 AM ET
Gawd I hope it’s not the Leafs!
New York Islanders
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Jun 28 @ 11:49 AM ET
to the Sens for Chabbot and some other pieces so everyone feels good about themselves
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San Jose Sharks
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Jun 28 @ 12:07 PM ET
It would be great to get either prospects or picks that potentially replace Norris and Stutzle who should both be Sharks rn had DW not traded for him.
Toronto Maple Leafs
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Jun 28 @ 12:49 PM ET
Gawd I hope it’s not the Leafs!
- Bullot

Right?!? It'd just be following the Oilers playbook.
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Jun 28 @ 3:06 PM ET
So a team was telling San Jose to hold off until the draft because they'll do a lot better... shouldn't the GM of San Jose already know that? Didn't realize teams tell other teams how to run their operations