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Forums :: Free Agency Tracker :: Interest growing on Florida’s Forsling…
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Jun 26 @ 8:25 PM ET
Interest growing on Florida’s Forsling… The Panthers D-man had a very strong playoff and teams are aware of the Panthers injury situations on Defense on the Right side…
Joined: 04.13.2021

Jun 26 @ 9:39 PM ET
Teams are aware of the Panthers injury situation on defense? I'm not understanding this at all.

Here is my basic understanding. Florida has 4 defensemen under contract for next season:


That's it. Gudas and Staal are UFAs. Then some AHL depth. Why would Florida be trading Forsling? It's the exact opposite. With a $2.7M cap hit he's a great bargain. They will keep him and be looking to bring back Gudas and Staal, or sign/acquire replacements for them. But if sources are saying Forsling is on the block then I'll be watching...
Toronto Maple Leafs
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Jun 27 @ 9:11 AM ET
Why on Earth would Florida deal Forsling?
Florida Panthers
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Jun 27 @ 10:14 AM ET
I'm sure there's interest in Forsling, but I can't imagine there's any interest in trading him away.

Go Panthers!
Matt Ross
Joined: 03.15.2013

Jun 27 @ 10:28 AM ET
It would make no sense moving Forsling. He’s Florida’s best defenseman on a razor thin blueline.
Florida Panthers
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Jun 27 @ 8:27 PM ET
Absolutely ludicrous. Panthers need D, he was solid in the room. No chance, not happening.