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May 25 @ 9:18 AM ET
Guest Writer: Free Agency: RFAs - Jesper Boqvist
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May 25 @ 9:34 AM ET


Are you trying to kill your readers with two articles in three days? I mean I'm sure this group could ramp it up to an article a week, but we've been on the slow train to Devilsville for I don't know how long... Sam Woo had a way of making time stand still. I'll just leave it at that.

As for Jesper Boqvist, I've generally been a fan of his game. And I think to the eye test there is a lot to like. As you said, he did improve each year. But he can't seem to crack 10 goals a year and was never a big scorer even in Sweden. He kind of reminds me of watching Jacob Josefson. Clearly skilled and clearly not getting a lot done. So if I'm Fitzy, I'm looking to keep this signing at $1.6M or less. That's a big boost up for a guy who can't establish himself as a regular. Two years is the max term.

What I find interesting about Jesper II is that he seems very determined to play in this league. He can surely land a full time gig in Sweden and would probably be quite productive. And not get the physical abuse of NHL games. But to me he seems like a clearly motivated guy.
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May 25 @ 10:03 AM ET
1-2 years at 1.5M for Boqvist is where i'm at. While i like his game, and personally think he should've been an every day player on the 3rd line, the coaching staff seems to have him on a short leash and the inconsistent playtime could be a detriment to him. He can play on the PK, hes decent defensively, and arguably the best forechecker on the team. Just need him to be more consistent on the offensive side of things. Imo he has the skill to be a ~15 goal, ~35 point player in bottom 6 minutes with no PP time.

I do think we see some movement up front this summer, and I think its between him and Sharangovich on who stays and who goes. I lean towards Boqvist staying as he's more versatile.
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May 25 @ 11:37 AM ET
vegetable lasagna
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May 25 @ 1:21 PM ET
I thought Boqvist had a pretty impactful season in limited minutes. I understand that "traditional" thinking means you need to have some truculence in the bottom of your order but I'd prefer players that are just good. I think defensive capability is there, although I don't think he'll ever have much of a goal scoring touch. I could see the team committing to Sharangovich instead because of potential goal scoring ability since their defensive ability is similar.
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May 25 @ 2:08 PM ET
Where did all these blogs come from?
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May 25 @ 2:26 PM ET
$1.5 per for 2 years. He has shown flashes, but not enough.
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May 25 @ 3:23 PM ET
Sign him and trade or trade his rights. Not skilled enough to be a top six player, does not offer a skill Devils lack, plenty of speedy guys who can't score. Doesn't win faceoffs, doesn't block shots or kill penalties. Decent forechecker, but doesn't hit. (So a better scoring, but less physical Curtis Lazar who can not take faceoffs.)


He does have skill and you should not give him away. He is an NHL level player for some organizations, not necessarily for this incarnation of the Devils

But he takes ice time away from favored prospects (Holtz) guys with higher upside (Yegor), guys with different skills, (Foote). If you don't get Haula resigned, he might get another year to stick around on third line.

He does not offer what McLeod or Bastian bring to team. (Faceoffs/penalty killing, shotblocking and hitting) And those are pieces of the puzzle - whether or not modern hockey fans want to acknowlege of not.
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May 25 @ 4:15 PM ET
Josh, excellent write up again! Really hope you’re gonna be the new Devils writer here at HB! Keep up the good work!
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May 25 @ 4:18 PM ET

Are you trying to kill your readers with two articles in three days?…Sam Woo had a way of making time stand still. I'll just leave it at that.

- Queenie_5_hole

Fûck Sam Woo! He only came on to promote that GARBAGE ASS podcast he runs from a basement. So glad we’re finally getting a good writer here!
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May 25 @ 7:37 PM ET
Guest Writer: Free Agency: RFAs - Jesper Boqvist
- Eklund

3 years 1.5 per
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May 26 @ 8:38 AM ET
Josh, Thank you again for another article, watch out you're going to spoil us.
I completely agree with what has been said especially that we have other players waiting to get a shot. I would hope if signed it would be to something 1.4-1.6 mil 1-2 years.
I also believe that like with Zacha a change of scenery might be good for him. For some reason, he is just not consistent enough to stick in the lineup. You can see the underlying talent but it just is not there every shift. LGD!!!!!