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Jordan Boutilier
Colorado Avalanche
Joined: 02.15.2023

Feb 24 @ 9:16 AM ET
Jordan Boutilier: Avalanche Injury Updates
Sakic for Prez
Colorado Avalanche
Location: Kelowna, BC
Joined: 05.05.2021

Feb 24 @ 10:10 AM ET
Getting really sick of Colorado's back to back schedule. 3 back to Backs in a row are total BS. You can't convince me the NHL cannot schedule better.

On another note, I do hope they get some forward help. Looking at Landy skate in that video looks great but does not instill confidence for a playoff return. Not having trade bait in way of picks is also not promising. So we must rely on the fact that almost everyone Colorado has picked up in the last couple of years has turned into a star, and that they really know what they are doing even if they get no one! I like the guy but also maybe it's time for Sammy Girard to be moved? He is a quality d-man that could be used as a piece to pull in a top 9 Forward.
Joined: 06.29.2016

Feb 24 @ 11:02 AM ET
I'd also be on board with moving G for the right top 6 F, but I'd also want to pick up a quality depth D cause injuries never end. Depending on what Vrana's deal is, I'd offer a pick for him.
Jordan Boutilier
Colorado Avalanche
Joined: 02.15.2023

Feb 24 @ 11:19 AM ET
Yeah moving girard for that center were missing has been a thought of mine... But scary to commit to that with toews not playing like last year, frail cale and byram.. Ej also might be over the hill but you move girard out youre taking a mighty risk that Kermit mcdermid plays a regular top 6 d role for you... Hard decision to make
Joined: 06.27.2012

Feb 24 @ 1:02 PM ET
Im definitely on board with trading Girard, but with Cale having concussion issues and Bo not being healthy for most of the season along with EJ out makes him not tradeable at this point, not to mention that Manson is also coming off an injury recently. I think the Avs should go after Edmunson in Montreal and or bring Jack Johnson back and he wouldnt cost much. We still need a 2nd Line Center and to add a solid 3rd line player.
Colorado Avalanche
Joined: 08.27.2020

Feb 24 @ 3:42 PM ET
I wouldn't dream of trading Girard and I still can't believe the fascination with it. The criticisms he faces are legitimate but this team has about the deepest defense in the league as is. Erik Johnson is our "worst" defenseman, and while he is certainly not the player he was, that is still a good thing. Obviously I am assuming a healthy lineup and not counting Englund and MacDermid.

This team needs to get healthy first and foremost, and I mean really healthy. Cale Makar NEVER should have been allowed back on the ice following the Carter bulls hit, let alone allowed back on the ice again after Toropchenko (which was incidental, imo). Whoever's decision that was, coaching staff, concussion spotters, medical staff, that was total failure both times.

Once they are healthy they simply need to add depth. Teams that add massive pieces usually don't reap the reward (yes, I remember 2001 though), and if Mikko can play 2nd center then simply by pushing JTC down the lineup we have already made a leap forward. The guy I would really like to see on this team is Ivan Barbashev, but I highly doubt St. Louis is going to want to do us any favors.