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Forums :: Blog World :: Ben Shelley: Kings fall short against Rangers for third loss in a row
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Ben Shelley
Los Angeles Kings
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Nov 23 @ 8:41 PM ET
Ben Shelley: Kings fall short against Rangers for third loss in a row
Los Angeles Kings
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Nov 24 @ 11:59 AM ET
Happy Thanksgiving, Ben.

Todd is on thin ice. He didn't arrange the roster, but he needs to make it work. And we've seen it can work. We're more than 25% into the season and the only thing remarkable is the inconsistency in gameplay. I'd give him through December to save his job. I'd like to see a replacement who's willing to play young players...or more specifically, move Kaliyev up the line-up.
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Nov 24 @ 9:37 PM ET
Unfortunately, I can't see Blake firing him mid season, especially when the team is above .500 and played better in the 2nd half last season. I think that he'll give him the whole season and consider firing him afterward only if the team misses the playoffs or has a poor showing in the playoffs (and maybe not even then if excuses can be made).
Los Angeles Kings
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Nov 25 @ 1:17 AM ET
I know moore has been producing of late. But I'd like to see Fiala with Danault. Keep Gabe on that top line. They need a tough rugged dman on the back end. I was hoping Zadorov was gonna become a free agent or be signed by LA. I dont recall if he made it to free agency. I hope they built up some stock in Walker to move him. Its probably a mid December or early Jan move. Or when ever the world junior end. After that they need to make a decision with Clarke. They seem hell bent on keeping him in LA.