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Forums :: Blog World :: Michael Stuart: Playoff Player Grades: Erik Cernak
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Michael Stuart
Tampa Bay Lightning
Location: Edmonton, AB
Joined: 09.09.2020

Nov 18 @ 5:17 PM ET
Michael Stuart: Playoff Player Grades: Erik Cernak
Tampa Bay Lightning
Location: Tampa, FL
Joined: 07.05.2013

Nov 18 @ 6:55 PM ET
Whats interesting about a player like Cernak is how to quantify what he brings to the team and game when its all the things that stats don't show. He played great this postseason being dependable. How will correlate to his next deal?
Buffalo Sabres
Location: I said that months ago, keep up!, FL
Joined: 03.10.2013

Nov 18 @ 6:56 PM ET
Cernak brings much more to the table with his physicality. It is a different, but very much needed element of team play that he brings from most other Dmen on the roster.
Los Angeles Kings
Location: Irvine, CA
Joined: 06.25.2009

Nov 18 @ 9:02 PM ET
This blog to be followed by a bunch of Bolts fans arguing why he shouldn't get more than a 2 year bridge deal at $1.5M/year.
Buffalo Sabres
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Joined: 10.15.2007

Nov 19 @ 2:49 PM ET
He’d look good in s Sabre sweater.
New Jersey Devils
Joined: 09.05.2017

Nov 19 @ 3:54 PM ET
I don't believe any team in this league needs more then one truly offensive D. Just one who can run the PP, and log big minutes. With a bunch of Cernak-esqe guys, doing their best to keep the puck out of the net, and a solid 3 lines of forwards, you can be very successful. The Jet's dressed just 9M worth of D on some nights, and 12M others. Now they still need a true #1D, but regardless, they got the job done most nights.

Not sure what will happen with your core of talented D, but it's safe to say you can't your top 3 LD making 22M AAV. Interesting to see what happens, but if you can ink Cernak to a deal under 2M AAV, you're laughing.
Tampa Bay Lightning
Location: Sergachev's illegitimate son., FL
Joined: 01.29.2013

Nov 20 @ 7:58 AM ET
Cernak has a Stevens-like mentality and that's a good thing when it's kept under control. The problem is, he is prone to "see red" and turn into a murder-machine who goes head-hunting. If he can keep the latter instinct in check, then he's a positive for the team.