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Jul 31 @ 1:33 PM ET
HockeyBuzz Hotstove: Most underrated player on the Washington Capitals?
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Jul 31 @ 2:06 PM ET
Who has the highest Jfresh card score level? That's your answer.
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Jul 31 @ 2:19 PM ET
Panik got those 22 goals playing 1st line minutes with the Hawks. Unfortunately, we found out they must have been "luck driven" as he regressed back to his normal self the following season, got demoted in the lineup and eventually shipped out, and has failed to recapture the offensive magic of that one fluke season.

Good 3rd line player who can move up in the line-up when necessitated by injuries. Not a guy you want in the top half of your roster on a regular basis if you have Cup aspirations. He's good defensively and brings some physical play even when the offense isn't there, which unfortunately is more often than not.
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Jul 31 @ 3:28 PM ET
It’s top secret but his name rhymes with schmadko schmudas.
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Jul 31 @ 9:09 PM ET
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Jul 31 @ 10:47 PM ET
Tom Wilson.
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Aug 1 @ 6:34 AM ET
I’m in the area and Wilson is pretty well beloved here. Does he get much attention for anything other than his mischief outside of this market? Because as much as I can’t stand him (as I’m a fan of a rival team), he is a major cog for Washington.

If he’s thought of strictly as a dirty player, that’s certainly not the case, and I’d vote for him in this instance.
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Aug 1 @ 9:32 AM ET
Tanner says Panik? Panik was a bust on the 3rd line and that's why Kovy was brought in. Panik is a 4th liner now with 9 goals in 55 games. He has 3 more years left at 2.75. Caps would have to sweeten the pot to attempt to move the guy. Tanner says the most underrated player on the Caps? Guess he doesn't follow hockey.