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Toronto Maple Leafs
Joined: 10.12.2005

Jul 30 @ 11:39 AM ET
The acquisitions on defense that Toronto made last summer have not improved the team in any way from last year. Barrie is a right handed Jake Gardiner, and Ceci is Zaitsev on a shorter contract. If Toronto is going to advance in the playoffs, they will do so based on Dermott and Holl. Reilly is Reilly and Muzzin is Muzzin, but what can really be said about Dermott and Holl? Are they top 4 defencemen? Can they step up to that role? There is little evidence one way or the other. These players make Toronto a bit of a mystery and wilcard in my opinion.
Philadelphia Flyers
Joined: 03.04.2008

Jul 30 @ 11:59 AM ET
So, which team looked the most impressive? The least rusty? Which team looked the worst prepared for what lies ahead?
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