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Thomas Townsend
Columbus Blue Jackets
Location: Westerville, OH
Joined: 04.25.2019

Dec 7 @ 9:04 AM ET
Thomas Townsend: Thornton Punches Mrazek - FULL VIDEO
Philadelphia Flyers
Location: The rebuild begins....again., PA
Joined: 06.26.2007

Dec 7 @ 9:20 AM ET
No question it was a flop or he would of left game.

Not sure how many other people out there have been hit by a swinging goalie stick in the legs, but I think I'd rather take a gloved poof punch to the face while wearing a mask.

Is there a difference between a player swinging their stick at another player and a goaltender doing the same (even if it misses)?

The key is intent...
Ottawa Senators
Joined: 04.15.2008

Dec 7 @ 9:30 AM ET
Philadelphia Flyers
Location: Hamilton, ON
Joined: 06.25.2010

Dec 7 @ 9:31 AM ET
Both players are wrong and both should have been penalized. Mrazek flopped and Thornton should not have punched him

Its laughable that someone would go down so easily whil wearing full facial protection. Guys take shots like that on a gamely basis and dont go down. Its not like he didnt see it coming.
St Louis Blues
Joined: 10.17.2008

Dec 7 @ 9:35 AM ET
Saying Mrazek started the altercation isn't accurate. Thornton swiping at a clearly gloved puck started it. Mrazek took it up a notch with his slash, then Thornton crossed the line with his punch. Mrazek then embarrassed himself with the embellishment.

Suspend Thornton. Fine/Suspend Mrazek (based on the agreed upon punishment for diving between NHL & NHLPA).
Chicago Blackhawks
Location: Toronto, ON
Joined: 05.19.2016

Dec 7 @ 9:41 AM ET
Jumbo was late poking for the puck. That's gonna piss off any goalie, the swing of the stick was understandable and so was the penalty regardless of any contact on the slash. In a league that struggles to police its self from the inconsistent player safety department and the transition away from on ice retribution players have to defend themselves more then ever. Swinging the stick and getting up in thortons face was probably just as much of an act to get the canes attention as it was an over reaction to a late poke. The cheap shot was unnecessary outside of sending the message to the league to not mess with jumbo Joe. He will disproportionately respond to transgressions on the ice with swift sneaky acts of violence. Order is restored, well until the sharks face Carolina again. This would be the time for the DPS to send a message about avoidable head contact but I doubt anything comes of it.
Vancouver Canucks
Location: Canada
Joined: 07.01.2007

Dec 7 @ 11:44 AM ET
(frank)in bunch of snowflakes, I loved the passion from Joe!!
San Jose Sharks
Joined: 12.31.2015

Dec 7 @ 4:40 PM ET
Full disclosure: Big Jumbo and Sharks fan.

Jumbo was a bit late with his poke at the puck. He probably knew it...and poked anyway, hoping to draw a bit of a reaction.

Mrazek TOTALLY overreacted, swinging his weapon, missing, and skates toward Jumbo like a schoolboy tough guy.

Jumbo DEFENDS himself from this aggressive asshat, and said asshat pathetically crumbles to the ice.

Jumbo has a bit of a mean streak and takes crap from no one. If Mrazak didn’t know that...he does now.

2 minutes for roughing, 2 minutes for slashing would have been the right call for me.
New York Rangers
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Dec 7 @ 5:11 PM ET

- david22

San Jose Sharks
Joined: 12.31.2015

Dec 7 @ 5:22 PM ET

- david22

His teammates know how pathetic it was, try to make light of it. All you need to know.
Toronto Maple Leafs
Location: Toronto, ON
Joined: 06.22.2015

Dec 7 @ 8:18 PM ET
This has nothing to do with fighting. JT made an extra lol very late after the puck was covered. He was warranted a swing. This results in broken fingers. Goali wasn't even set up or standing ground and JT hit him.
San Jose Sharks
Joined: 12.31.2015

Dec 7 @ 8:28 PM ET
This has nothing to do with fighting. JT made an extra lol very late after the puck was covered. He was warranted a swing. This results in broken fingers. Goali wasn't even set up or standing ground and JT hit him.

Huh? He skated right towards JT.
San Jose Sharks
Location: Fremont, CA
Joined: 02.02.2008

Dec 8 @ 1:03 AM ET
If a goalie took a swing at Marner or Mathews the leaf nation would be calling for criminal charges
Boston Bruins
Location: SK
Joined: 09.23.2011

Dec 8 @ 1:19 PM ET
So many of you need to pick up a new sport like Ringette or women's hockey which would be more to your style.

Poke a goalie after the whistle somethings going to happen. Mrazek overreacted and Joe reacted justly to the swing at his legs.
The defensemen should have reacted , they didn't.
Epic flop, and correct penalties were called.
This is hockey, a physical, high speed, emotional sport
Don't like it, watch the above listed sports.

End of story
Carolina Hurricanes
Location: I'll always remember the last words my grandfather ever told me. He said, "A Truck!", SK
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Dec 9 @ 9:35 AM ET

- david22

Yep. everybody knows Mrazek dove. Even Petr was laughing about it afterwards. It's why nobody REALLY went after Jumbo. It was fine.