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Paul McCann
Nashville Predators
Location: Nolensville, TN
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Dec 2 @ 9:30 AM ET
Paul McCann: Step away from the panic button
Nashville Predators
Joined: 02.26.2018

Dec 2 @ 9:55 AM ET
The power play is in a slump, the offense seems to be misfiring a bit and there still is an issue getting the third d-pair settled.

Nothing to see here, folks. Power plays usually suck for at least 12 calendar months. Same with the offense. Just because they're inconsistent, are easily shut down by first start goalies and couldn't hit the broad side of a barn, doesn't mean that fans should panic.

As Willy says, they're due.

Now, back in reality, the team doesn't pass the eye test. Something's off and it's been this way since last year. Do they have time to work it out? Sure.

Do they have time to work it out? Sure.

That's a statement I've heard since the all-star break last year. How'd that work out, exactly? I support the Preds, but I'm not blind, nor in denial. This team isn't going to make any noise except the sounds you make when you don't make the playoffs.

And yes, fire Lavy. If it's not the players, which we are told on a daily basis have "all the talent in the world", then it must be the coaching, which cannot seem to put a competent power play on the ice. Or maybe it's Poile? Oh, can I actually criticize him, or will the Pred mafia make me swim with the catfish?
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Dec 2 @ 10:33 AM ET
It's nice to see that Predator management gave you the keyboard back.

It would behoove you to end every post as follows: "This blog as been reviewed, approved and endorsed by the Nashville Predators management team". This is clearly needed as your incoherent rambling blog is a bunch of nonsense and lacks any competency....as per usual with you.

I can't believe anyone takes you seriously....but again, it's Nashville, so I understand.

Colorado Avalanche
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Dec 2 @ 10:42 AM ET
Paul McCann: Step away from the panic button
- pmccann

the preds are six points out of 2nd and have zero games at hand against the avs. just saying.
Nashville Predators
Location: Nashville, TN
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Dec 2 @ 1:50 PM ET
The Turris situation gets very little mention - and it's not even close to some of the other healthy scratch examples Paul listed. Turris makes $6MM, and is supposed to be a top-6 forward. And even star players get a healthy scratch for a game or two when they are struggling sometimes. But this has been several games - games in which the Preds have struggled to generate offensive pressure. Seems like a Top 6 forward would help that effort.

There has been a lot of reasonable speculation that Turris was shelved to protect him while Poile worked on a trade. But that hasn't materialized, and Turris skated with the 2nd line in practice today. So I guess he will be in the lineup against the Lightning.

The whole thing doesn't make sense, and given Paul's relationship to the Preds Organization - I don't expect him to speculate or press for answers. But it shouldn't be difficult to acknowledge that a big chunk of the team salary cap is sitting in the press box night after night, without any true explanation - while the team flails away. It's not overreaction or unrealistic for the fans to question what seems like a series of crazy lineup decisions.
Nashville Predators
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Dec 3 @ 3:37 AM ET
Coach Q is a mad genius. I've been waiting for years to see an NHL coach deploy this strategy, but hey, Q may know the Preds the best out of any coach whose ever coached against them. He saw the Preds were headed into town, and knowing how the Preds are so easily befuddled by any goaltender with Zero NHL experience, he knew immediately to make a call down to the farm and give this kid who'd never seen an NHL puck the start. Almost guaranteed his team a win. I'm shocked the rest the league doesn't employ this strategy. I haven't decided if it's more funny or sad, but it is absolutely ridiculous.

I don't think anyone's panicking either 'cept maybe some of the bandwagon fans who hopped on during the Finals run, and don't realize how hard winning games in the NHL actually is. If anything, I think most fans are just starting to become more realistic, and understanding there isn't something quite right with the product on the ice. It might be time for the team to take a look at themselves in the mirror and re-access their expectations. Stop pretending to be a serious cup contender, take a step back, and just focus on playing solid hockey, winning some games, and hopefully make the playoffs at the end of the season. Just make it in, and see what happens. While following this team, it sometimes feels like the guys are trying too hard to live up to expectations that are perhaps a bit too ambitious with the way the roster is currently constructed.

Take the Florida game out, and I've mostly liked what I've seen from the team over the past couple of weeks. 3 solid wins over good teams, and less than half a second away from another. There are signs of improvement, but like a classic old car, you fix one problem and then something else seems to break immediately after. I want to see the Preds continue to build off their recent play and not fall back onto old habits... And please for the love of God, no more rookie goalies playing their first NHL game!