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Jay Greenberg
Joined: 09.29.2017

Nov 26 @ 9:07 AM ET
Jay Greenberg: In a Waiting Room Without Enough Magazines
Philadelphia Flyers
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Nov 26 @ 9:56 AM ET
Good read, Jay!
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Nov 26 @ 11:14 AM ET
Finally a voice of reason.
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Nov 27 @ 8:03 AM ET
Great article and well reasoned. But some of your supporting facts are incorrect.
Jonathan Toews was drafted in the summer of 2006. Patrick Kane was drafted the year AFTER, in the summer of 2007. They both joined the team that fall, for the 2007-08 season.
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Nov 27 @ 8:15 AM ET
Great stuff as always Jay, thanks

Personally, I find the cap era to be pretty boring. Most teams have little personality and there is just not enough high end talent to go around. And now they’re adding a 32nd team??

As a Flyers fan, it was special in the 70s when the Habs or Bruins came to town. Same thing held in the 80s for the Oilers or rivals like the Rags, Isles or Caps. Even in the Lindros era up through the lockout, you loved it when the Rags, Leafs or even Jersey came to town and cross conference games vs Detroit and the Avs were dates that got circled on the calendar

Since the lockout, except for games vs the Pens from 2008 through 2013, it’s been slim pickings. I miss the great rivalries and the great teams of the past.
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Nov 28 @ 2:50 AM ET
great perspective, good read!