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Dan Wallace
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Sep 11 @ 2:50 PM ET
Dan Wallace: Fiala In The Fold
Los Angeles Kings
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Sep 11 @ 3:42 PM ET
Nashville Predators
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Sep 11 @ 9:42 PM ET
Good for Minny for not overpaying for Fiala. It doesn't surprise me to hear that Fiala's camp was disgruntled over the offer either, Kevin has always had a bit of of an over-inflated opinion of himself. Don't know if it's the people around him patting him on the back too hard, or if he's just your standard young millennial who wants everything handed to him without actually having to earn it. It's one of the reasons he fell out of favor with the fans in Nashville. 3mil per seems about right for a guy with his history of production. If he thinks he's worth more than that, then he has two seasons to prove his worth by finally living up to all that potential he has instead of trying to sell everybody on what he could be.
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Sep 13 @ 1:29 PM ET
I honestly was hoping for a contract slightly above what Donato got. Was hoping more around $2.2 to $2.5 mil a year over 2 years. I happy that it is only for 2 years. Some players are starting to think believe that they should be paid for what their potential could be, and not for what they have done. Squatchy put it best by saying some players what it all handed to them without ever earning it.

I know BB has been PC with how he has handled Fiala by saying it was very difficult for him to basically replace the scoring of Granlund...and coming into a new system and all of that. But if you are a great player, you will fit into any system one way or another. You will at least have SOME production and last year Fiala really had zero. If BB is playing him on the top line with Zucker and Staal (as he has hinted at), he should have ample scoring chances. And if he cannot produce, thank goodness its only a 2 year contract.