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Forums :: Blog World :: Michael Pachla: Impressions of, and questions concerning--RW, Jason Pominville
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Anaheim Ducks
Joined: 09.03.2009

Apr 23 @ 10:50 AM ET
I saw a post this morning on another site that said and I quote, "First of all fire Lavy or only our PP coach and then bring Housley back."
- Sabre_Tooth

If only those poor bastards knew
Buffalo Sabres
Location: I think we will be good, in 2037, FL
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Apr 23 @ 10:51 AM ET
No I wouldn’t if everything goes to plan we could end up with 17th pick and Brink could be available
- gerbe75pts

what if the pick is 27
Buffalo Sabres
Location: BUFFALO NY, NY
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Apr 23 @ 10:56 AM ET
His decline sadly began last year. He was one of my favorite fantasy players. But, inevitably, all of these power forwards decline so quickly. Backes, Lucic, Simmonds, Perry, Nash, Kunitz, Brown and so on. Signing these kind of guys to monster deals when they hit 28, 29... bad, bad news.
- TheSabresTaco

I agree,

Sounds like were giving Simmonds 5 x6.5 =32.5

Buffalo Sabres
Location: buffalo, NY
Joined: 05.21.2007

Apr 23 @ 5:54 PM ET
55 will be traded this June!

Montour makes him expendable (plus the young D core in the system). Get that top 6 forward this team desperately needs.

Plus it’s either Duchene or Skinner! I would rather Duchene! Carolina looks pretty good this year without 53, something not right in Skinner land?

- Irish 14

Doesn’t Colorado look good without Duchene?
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