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Forums :: Blog World :: Paul Stewart: Penalty Times and Penalty Box Exits
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Paul Stewart
Joined: 10.14.2013

Mar 14 @ 11:48 AM ET
Paul Stewart: Penalty Times and Penalty Box Exits
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Mar 19 @ 4:51 AM ET
#6 at the end is interesting.
You mention that it's a league rule.. where does it come from?
Why would you reduce time on a carryover penalty?
That almost makes it an incentive for the last couple minutes of a period to be rather wild discipline-wise.
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Mar 20 @ 8:13 AM ET
Great post Stewie. This should be required reading for all coaches and players, especially at the NHL level, with a quiz at the end. I couldn't believe how many NHL coaches and players didn't know the rules and would start asking questions and female doging in the penalty box.