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Forums :: Blog World :: Sam Hitchcock: Four Thoughts after Lightning Declaw Panthers
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Sam Hitchcock
Joined: 10.13.2017

Feb 11 @ 8:49 AM ET
Sam Hitchcock: Four Thoughts after Lightning Declaw Panthers
Tampa Bay Lightning
Location: Halifax, NS
Joined: 05.09.2013

Feb 11 @ 9:32 AM ET
I'd like to see Stammer and Kuch back on the same line for a bit. And if the magic is there, keep it.

Anyone else really impressed with Stamkos this year? He seems like, despite all the injuries, he's still an absolute force out here more often than not.
Detroit Red Wings
Location: Even Holland couldn't mess that up, FL
Joined: 02.01.2012

Feb 11 @ 10:44 AM ET
Anyone got the hookup on lower levels for Saturday? Trying to see my boy Tatttaaaahhhhh play.
Tampa Bay Lightning
Joined: 02.02.2017

Feb 11 @ 10:44 AM ET
I agree that Point and Kucherov have lost their chemistry. To answer your question about Miller vs Gourde, I think it is time to reunite the Miller-Stamkos-Kucherov line for a little bit. Miller needs more ice time! I am very for splitting up Kuch and Stamkos as they tend to overpass and have to share shooting attempts but just to mix it up for a little bit. I would like to see them split back up before the playoffs though.

Also the Flames are next. Recreate the shutdown line of Gourde-Point-Palat to face off against Gaudreau.

Miller needs to stay on the top powerplay line. He creates more and has better stick skills than Palat.