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Jay Greenberg
Joined: 09.29.2017

Feb 5 @ 9:49 AM ET
Jay Greenberg: It's Lonely Up There in Edmonton
Toronto Maple Leafs
Joined: 03.04.2013

Feb 5 @ 11:55 AM ET
The difference in the McDavid era as opposed to the Lemieux era is the salary cap. McDavid gets more pity because contracts aren't as easy to move to make your team better as they were in the 80's. Most trades now are emphasized on players for pick and/or prospects (shedding cap and re-build or re-tool), or money in, money out deals. When teams really put there selves in cap hell like the Oilers and Blackhawks, its' really tough to climb out of and be competitive again. At least the Hawks won Stanley Cups in there prime. Edmonton put themselves in cap hell before they got competitive.
Calgary Flames
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Feb 5 @ 1:26 PM ET
Philadelphia Flyers
Location: Bethlehem, PA
Joined: 06.25.2012

Feb 5 @ 5:19 PM ET
Around a superstar they wouldn’t have but for all their screwups, the Oilers will build brick by brick. And we’re not talking about a Zack Kassian shot on goal.

That is some funny sh!t!!

Thanks Jay!
New York Rangers
Location: Scarborough, ON
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Feb 8 @ 11:10 AM ET
Its actually a good time to clear space and correct the mistakes of the past when you see what teams need and take advantage of that.
3 moves to solve the Oilers problems.

1. To Ottawa Spooner (3.1), Kassian 1.95,Russell (4) and Talbot (4.16)=13.21
To Oilers Ryan (7.25) DeMelo (.9) Nillson (2.5)=10.65

Why it works is Oilers get cap relief, top 6 forward and younger dman, Sens get rid of Ryan contract to free up $$$ for Duchene and Stone and vet dman to go with kiddiecorps. Slide in Russell and they can move Ceci out for picks. Talbot can get them picks as well.

2. To NYR RNH (6) Larson (4.16)=10.16
To Oilers Vesey (2.275) Buchnevich (.925) McQuaid (2.75)=5.95

Why it works is Oilers now have 6 top six forwards instead of 3. NYR need a top center and Larsson is still young enough to work for their rebuild. McQ can slot in with Nurse and provide vet help. Oilers get another $4M in cap relief.

3. To Mtl Sekera (5.5) Benning (1.9)=7.4
To Oilers Alzner (4.625)= 4.625

Why it works is Bergeron would love to get rid of the Alzner contract and Sekera would be a better #1 LD. Benning needs a change and Habs are short od RD.

Overall the Oilers would have thinned their dmen to a more manageable group and they actually have 6 top six forwards. They also shaved $9.5M off their cap this year.
They also have expiring contracts now for McQ, Petrovic, Gravel and Nilsson for $8M to set them up for possible additions next year.
Location: Edmonton, AB
Joined: 04.06.2016

Feb 8 @ 5:36 PM ET

We don't want Nilsson back
Bobby Ryan.... ooooof
Pavel Buchckanencvich is RFA at the end of the year, and won't be 925k after this season. Looks good on paper, but ehhhh