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Jay Greenberg
Joined: 09.29.2017

Jan 8 @ 9:21 AM ET
Jay Greenberg: Free Ovie!
Philadelphia Flyers
Location: Where Lexington cross 47th Street
Joined: 06.29.2006

Jan 8 @ 9:28 AM ET
The rules are the rules. AO missing a game hurts no one.
Philadelphia Flyers
Location: United States, VA
Joined: 02.17.2007

Jan 8 @ 10:43 AM ET
He knows the rules. He knew the penalty.
Season Ticket Holder
Pittsburgh Penguins
Location: Pittsburgh , PA
Joined: 09.16.2005

Jan 8 @ 12:24 PM ET
So when Sid missed due to announced injury it was fine but for the Golden Boy it is not?

It is not a new rule, get over it. He could choose to play and avoid missing that game.

Why not run that down instead of complaining...is he hurt? Tired?
Toronto Maple Leafs
Location: Timmins, ON
Joined: 08.05.2010

Jan 8 @ 12:49 PM ET
It's a rule. He knew about it. Follow it. simple
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Pittsburgh Penguins
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Joined: 05.02.2007

Jan 8 @ 2:43 PM ET
It's a rule. He knew about it. Follow it. simple
- claude1971

Philadelphia Flyers
Location: Mantua, NJ
Joined: 03.09.2010

Jan 8 @ 3:44 PM ET
The rules are the rules. AO missing a game hurts no one.
- Scoob


That said, what would happen if every player that was voted in took up the cause and declined? Would they suspend every one of them? Who would play?
Buffalo Sabres
Location: Burt, NY
Joined: 07.22.2012

Jan 8 @ 7:39 PM ET
I disagree, why should he get special treatment? There is a huge difference in taking a break in the season for an all-star game and taking a long (2 weeks?) break for the Olympics, especially with flying half way around the world, playing games no one in NA would watch inthe middle of the night. And then take into account the Olympics is serious hockey with serious injuries - not like the all-star game. But I do enjoy watching the new format, they players do actually seem to care!
San Jose Sharks
Location: Fremont, CA
Joined: 02.02.2008

Jan 9 @ 2:17 AM ET
If the All star game was in big eastern market or canada they would not be skipping.
Pittsburgh Penguins
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Joined: 07.02.2012

Jan 10 @ 2:05 PM ET
Find it funny it was OK for Sidney Crosby to miss a game for not going to the All Star Game, but when the great high holy Ovechkin misses a game, well off with their heads!
Pittsburgh Penguins
Location: Greensburg, PA
Joined: 07.02.2011

Jan 11 @ 7:30 AM ET
My opinion that they should just get rid of the game and expand the skills competition into two days.