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HockeyBuzz Hotstove
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Dec 29 @ 10:49 AM ET
HockeyBuzz Hotstove: Most overused defender in the Western Conference?
Philadelphia Flyers
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Dec 29 @ 10:56 AM ET
Vancouver Canucks
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Dec 29 @ 11:05 AM ET
7-4-1 over the last 11 with a healthy Gudbranson in the lineup but hey...keep trying Tanner...

Oh sorry...'Todd'

Anaheim Ducks
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Dec 29 @ 11:47 AM ET
So many to choose from ... Russell in oil land,
Keith In chitown, shell of his former self... has he scored a goal this yr yet? Jaybo in St Lou...
this list is endless ...
Edmonton Oilers
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Dec 29 @ 7:03 PM ET
Anyone even suggesting Kris Russell is even close to overused this year (the guy above me) has allowed a dogmatic reliance on advanced metrics to completely poison their view of the player. He's been an solid #4 Dman and has been utilized as exactly that.
Vancouver Canucks
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Dec 30 @ 2:18 AM ET
Slip and slap
Vancouver Canucks
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Dec 30 @ 4:12 PM ET
Another Todd Cordell pearl of wisdom...
Vancouver Canucks
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Dec 30 @ 7:53 PM ET
you need to add 5 points to each statistics for the Hamonic knock out:

And 5 points each for the uppercut he served Martel for that blind side to Stecher:

He isn't that bad and many in Vancouver have levelled off their expectations. Your stats blind you but we all know that. Now if you suggested Pouliot then you would have gained some credibility.