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Forums :: Blog World :: HockeyBuzz Hotstove: Who won the Ducks/Penguins trade?
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HockeyBuzz Hotstove
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Dec 4 @ 1:02 PM ET
HockeyBuzz Hotstove: Who won the Ducks/Penguins trade?
Anaheim Ducks
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Dec 4 @ 1:17 PM ET
I like it....Daniel Can finish, along with wheels, make plays and will play with Rico and Ritchie I hope. Ducks need young RW’s and he has skill and talent.
New York Rangers
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Dec 4 @ 1:27 PM ET
Classic Tanner hating his own, SAD!

Pettersson CF Rel: 1.9%

Sprong CF Rel: -5.6%

Get with it Tan Tans.
Buffalo Sabres
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Dec 4 @ 1:27 PM ET
HockeyBuzz Hotstove: Who won the Ducks/Penguins trade?
- ToddCordellVAN

ask me in 5 years

right not both players needed a change, it's whoever responds that will win the trade
Chicago Blackhawks
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Dec 4 @ 2:06 PM ET
Hey Tanner, did you see Strome's wicked backhand snipe? LOSE FOR HUGHES BABY!!!
Pittsburgh Penguins
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Dec 4 @ 2:07 PM ET
I think the Ducks got all the upside in this, but Sprong had no value by the end. Can't burry a guy in the lineup and expect to get anything for him, so I'm not pissed that all we got for him was what looks like a 3rd pairing defenseman. I would have preferred to give Sprong an extended look in the top 9, but Sully had no interest in that, so dumping him was the best thing for all parties involved. Such is life.
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Dec 4 @ 2:11 PM ET
Depends on how you look at it. Petterson might have the higher floor, but Sprong has the higher ceiling. If Sprong puts his game together, then the Ducks definitely got the better player.
Pittsburgh Penguins
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Dec 4 @ 2:26 PM ET
Sprong definately has a high ceiling, been following him for years. He has performed at every level that he has PLAYED at.
I am frustrated because after having him for multiple years, we still have no clue what we have in him. His junior career showed greatness, his AHL career matched what you would want to see in a NHL scorer, his NHL career... oh wait, he never had one.

For those looking at his points/60 or other NHL stats, don't bother. His 40 or so games were played with anchors and he was put out in a shut down role/line for over 80% of games. We ruined any chance of him succeeding here, and by doing so also ruined most of his trade value. I still think we could of got more for him, and by the other NHL teams reactions of the trade, it looks like he had much more value than the guy we got.

I wish him the best, and hope he becomes a 25-30 goal scorer. Pens have probably the worst asset management in the NHL over the past few years. Am I bitter? Yep.. but were still gonna pull off a couple more trades and win the cup, so I can't be that mad
Pittsburgh Penguins
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Dec 4 @ 2:42 PM ET
Have to keep in mind Sprong needs waivers and Pettersson doesn’t. That is a little detail that can have a big impact to a team.
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Dec 4 @ 5:11 PM ET
I mean... IF the coaching staff(s) are right about Sprong, its a no loss for the Pens. Wish they had just traded him earlier before crippling his value.
Pittsburgh Penguins
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Dec 4 @ 6:37 PM ET
Tanner also thought the Kings won the Hagelin trade. LOL.
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Dec 4 @ 8:32 PM ET
Domonik Simon gets better playing time than Sprong

That tells you all you need to know about Sprongs "value" in the eyes of the Pens coaches

New Jersey Devils
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Dec 5 @ 1:14 AM ET
HockeyBuzz Hotstove: Who won the Ducks/Penguins trade?
- ToddCordellVAN

Pens beyond any doubt.
Pittsburgh Penguins
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Dec 5 @ 2:51 AM ET
Simon also produces. Sprong, well, he's had 2-3 good nhl games. It seems like the guys in the locker room weren't very warm to him either, which says something because the Pens have always been a very welcoming group.