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Forums :: Blog World :: Guest Writer: Vegas Loses Game and Erik Haula in Toronto
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Nov 7 @ 12:52 PM ET
Guest Writer: Vegas Loses Game and Erik Haula in Toronto
Toronto Maple Leafs
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Nov 7 @ 3:02 PM ET
Knights especially in the 1st period seemed to be out of position and all over the place. A lot of the shots were outside low quality really. They got it together for the rest of the game but they are a far cry from last year’s team.

They were not heavy in forechecking, using speed and forcing turnovers. They were nowhere near the uncanny positioning and play of last year.

Not sure if Gallant changed the strategies but they are less structured and bought in that’s for sure.
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Nov 7 @ 3:55 PM ET
A tonne of shots, but not much was overly threatening. Lots of useless shots directly into Andersen's chest. Meh. Leafs weren't great, but they deserved the win simply based on the fact that they have more talent
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Nov 7 @ 4:21 PM ET
Seeing that Haula injury live was tough to watch, no question not Marleau's fault. Any updates on the seriousness of the injury?
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Nov 8 @ 12:12 AM ET
Jeff, another good insight and review of the game . You covered all aspects especially, for people like me who weren't able to watch because of work. Keep it coming with more of your reads on game and Knights in general.