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Joined: 09.15.2005

Tuesday @ 9:12 AM ET
Eklund: Joel Quenneville Fired
Philadelphia Flyers
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Tuesday @ 9:16 AM ET
Joel Quennville was fired 2 minutes ago. Hextall should have fired Hakstol and hired Quennville 1 minute and 59 seconds ago
New Jersey Devils
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Tuesday @ 9:18 AM ET
Wow! The coaching carousel will certainly getting moving now. I suspect he’ll have a job by end of day tomorrow and someone else will be on the outside looking in.
Rota's Rooter
Chicago Blackhawks
Joined: 06.23.2017

Tuesday @ 9:22 AM ET
No, not surprising when you see the lack of innovation and the failure to adapt in Q's coaching the past few seasons.
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Minnesota Wild
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Tuesday @ 9:24 AM ET
I think that's a mistake
Boston Bruins
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Joined: 04.27.2011

Tuesday @ 9:25 AM ET
Eklund: Joel Quenneville Fired
- Eklund

St Louis Blues
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Tuesday @ 9:27 AM ET
Bring Q back
Tampa Bay Lightning
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Tuesday @ 9:27 AM ET
...hmm... I don't know how you expect to get much better than Coach Q. Did he lose the room? Never seemed like it... but what do I know.
St Louis Blues
Location: Chicago, IL
Joined: 09.26.2008

Tuesday @ 9:27 AM ET
Bring Q back
- Gerk

Was thinking the same thing
Columbus Blue Jackets
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Tuesday @ 9:30 AM ET
Eklund: Joel Quenneville Fired
- Eklund

The salary cap killed the hawks , not Quennville
Joined: 07.10.2007

Tuesday @ 9:34 AM ET
I wonder if Bob Murray is going to fire Carlyle, now? It would be deja vu all over again.
Chicago Blackhawks
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Joined: 01.22.2015

Tuesday @ 9:35 AM ET
Apparently Stan Bowman doesn't own a mirror...
Bad move.
Buffalo Sabres
Joined: 05.16.2006

Tuesday @ 9:37 AM ET
Manager needs to place the blame on someone ... The GM is never to blame when a team isn't winning
Chicago Blackhawks
Location: Victoria, BC
Joined: 06.13.2012

Tuesday @ 9:38 AM ET
hy does Bowman still have a job. He can't get the players under today's salary cap. He blew it years ago. Flippin salary cap cost the Hawks some cups from 2010-2016.
FIRE Bowman next !!!!!!!
Toronto Maple Leafs
Location: Toronto, ON
Joined: 03.27.2007

Tuesday @ 9:39 AM ET
Wow! The coaching carousel will certainly getting moving now. I suspect he’ll have a job by end of day tomorrow and someone else will be on the outside looking in.
- Crushers68

Doubt it. The guy is owed 10+ million to not coach the next 2 years. The new teams will have to offer him massive $ long-term. This guy has only won with stacked teams.
Snowman X
Toronto Maple Leafs
Joined: 07.05.2018

Tuesday @ 9:40 AM ET

He even defended himself with the Panarin for Saad deal... His reasoning was that it's still too early to determine a winner in that deal.. I'm sorry, but even if Panarin walks from CBJ and joins (insert California, New York, or Florida team here) as a free agent, the Jackets still won that deal. His body of work for Columbus was nothing short of awesome. Saad has been less than impressive for Chicago in his second stint with the team. He's a solid player, but not a solid point producer. Bowman is a schmuck
Season Ticket Holder
Chicago Blackhawks
Joined: 07.27.2015

Tuesday @ 9:40 AM ET
Not very surprising. He couldn't get the kids to play hard for him. I think they give Colliton about a month to evaluate, and then Bowman is on the hot seat next.
Chicago Blackhawks
Location: IL
Joined: 06.30.2011

Tuesday @ 9:46 AM ET
Not surprising at all, Stan Bowman you're next buddy.
Chicago Blackhawks
Location: IL
Joined: 06.18.2010

Tuesday @ 9:50 AM ET
Q is probably relieved. He no longer has to deal with Bowman make poor deals and bringing back former Hawks with even more tread off their tires. Panarin deal, Seabrook's contract. If McD had any stones, he'd clean the front office too. For a cap guy, he made a lot of poor cap moves without much forward thinking with guys like Leddy and Panarin. Those are the players you build your future on, but heaven forbid, they deal a guy towards the end of their prime, and then they saddle them with an immovable contract.
Carolina Hurricanes
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Tuesday @ 9:50 AM ET
Congratulations to the St. Louis Blues
New York Rangers
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Joined: 03.01.2018

Tuesday @ 9:51 AM ET
Toronto Maple Leafs
Joined: 03.04.2013

Tuesday @ 9:52 AM ET
He's been there for 11 or 12 years! That's a rarity in today's NHL, even amongst other successful teams. He's had great success there but every coach has a shelf life with there respective team. I doubt he'll be out of work for long unless he chooses to take a break.
St Louis Blues
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Tuesday @ 9:53 AM ET
Back to the Blues!!! Come on!
St Louis Blues
Location: Chicago, IL
Joined: 09.26.2008

Tuesday @ 9:59 AM ET
Congratulations to the St. Louis Blues

Philadelphia Flyers
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Tuesday @ 9:59 AM ET
- picklerick

No wonder why they are losers, look at how they approach the game. Haven't paid attention in 3 weeks!!!

Spoiled brats!

If these clowns actually respected the coaches, maybe they wouldn't be such losers.

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