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Paul Stewart
Joined: 10.14.2013

Sep 11 @ 8:57 AM ET
Paul Stewart: But Memories Remain
Carolina Hurricanes
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Sep 13 @ 10:54 AM ET
Broome Duster fan, here, and I wanted to chip in with a congratulations for the honor and to let you know I really enjoyed your Duster days! I had season tickets in Binghamton for several years, and eventually saw some of the NHL games you ref'd in Raleigh (and maybe Greensboro) NC!
Of course the Slap Shot movie was a "Classic" which I personally appreciated due to having seen all those guys play (especially Carlsons and Goldthorpe, and the many brawls)
Again, kudos to you...!
Now a Canes fan. Vern Doupe.
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Sep 13 @ 8:44 PM ET
It's great that Taz is writing the intro. I think he'll do a great job.
Atlanta Thrashers
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Sep 14 @ 9:04 PM ET
Paul Stewart: But Memories Remain
- Paul Stewart

Carolina Hurricanes
Location: United States, NC
Joined: 06.09.2008

Sep 15 @ 4:45 PM ET
Paul, a couple more stories from the Dusters days.
The minor league fan clubs (as depicted in Slap Shot) were really as shown. The year before Goldthorpe played in Binghamton he was on the Syracuse team (Blazers, I think )! And the two teams had a back to back...Saturday in Syr. Sunday in Bing. One or two buses went up to Syr. For the Sat. Game. Goldie got into a fight (maybe two ) so he was suspended -as usual!
Well I and a lot of other fans got to the Sun. Game "really early", to see warmups. Surprise...the teams got into a brawl in practice, duh...but Goldie in his Armani suit jumps on the ice to fight!
He really was a piece of work, very little self control. It was too bad too, he could skate well and might have gone places on his ability, or so it seemed to me.
Other story -short-... Away games were often on radio. One night I turned on the radio to listen to the Dusters game at Johnstown Jets, and it had been delayed due to the Duster bus getting to the War Memorial Arena late. Seems that the "Bus Driver" had started to go to the wrong JOHNSTOWN... I believe that there is another city (same name ) either in NY or PEI,?
I forget. Minor league problems, huh?