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Bob Duff
Location: Windsor, ON
Joined: 11.10.2014

Jun 15 @ 12:22 PM ET
Bob Duff: Development camp, preseason slate announced The Red Wings will hold their annual development camp in Detroit for the first time in several years.
Toronto Maple Leafs
Joined: 08.04.2017

Jun 15 @ 7:17 PM ET
The NHL is a giant bore to watch nowadays.
Detroit Red Wings
Location: Ottawa, ON
Joined: 08.20.2006

Jun 15 @ 9:15 PM ET
Wings fans not watching them on TV isn't because of them not being a playoff team, it's because they are boring as hell to watch. The defense is one of the biggest loads of garbage in the NHL. The offense while having a couple of decent young players isn't potent enough to make this team competitive enough to be fun to watch. They don't have much in terms of physical/tough players to make watching a bad team somewhat entertaining.

Add on top of that a clueless coach (which is still there) that has seen the majority of players on the team regress since he took over.

A GM that says changes must happen but he has almost no flexibility cap or roster wise to make those changes but he still ends up re-signing everyone anyways (like him offering contracts to Mike Green). The only thing he is going to do is bring way too many players into camp with little to no roster spots open for prospects.

We as fans are suppose to be excited about watching an old capped out team that doesn't have much in terms of exciting players to watch? A team that is suppose to be rebuilding but is full of overpaid vets? I'm fine with a rebuild but get rid of some of those old vets and make room for the younger hungry players already if you want fans to be excited about this team.
Detroit Red Wings
Location: Ottawa, ON
Joined: 08.20.2006

Jun 15 @ 9:58 PM ET
And as i say that Holland is loading up to make fans want him fired even more.

-Not close to signing any of the RFAs and believes they can wait until after he spends money on July 1st.

-Wants to bring Vanek back.

-Wants to sign Kovalchuck.

-Has offered Green a 6 million one year deal and a two year 5 million per year deal.


Holland thinks the rebuild is done now