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Dan Wallace
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Jun 13 @ 11:31 AM ET
Dan Wallace: US Open NHL Ties
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Jun 13 @ 12:16 PM ET
Even if the pens retained some salary in a kessel deal, i dont see him being a fit. Hes got about 5 years left on current deal, and hes in his 30s. Any moves made need to be for younger players, otherwise its just the same old chuck fletcher type deals. Getting veteran players and spinning their wheels. They realistically have a few good young pieces they can build around and let the next gen take over. Greenway, Erikkson ek, and kunin will probably see time next year. They've got Sokolov in Iowa now, and Kaprizov a couple seasons away. Stay away from again vets and get a little younger.

That being said, any players you guys would like to see Fenton try to acquire? A couple names i wouldn't mind seeing here, William Nylander (not sure what it would take), and maybe a guy like Mika Zibanajad. Both right shot C's who can play top 6 and put up points.
Location: duluth is not a cool city, MN
Joined: 01.08.2018

Jun 13 @ 12:17 PM ET
I also wouldn't mind seeing them get a little bigger on the blue line. Gets frustrating seeing our D get pushed around in front of the net by the bigger players in the west.
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Jun 13 @ 2:26 PM ET
Why don't people think Fletcher knew how to build a team through the draft?

He build Vegas through the (secondary) draft.

Dumba for Nylander? Toronto is going to have to sign Nylander, Marner and Matthews $oon.

Location: duluth is not a cool city, MN
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Jun 13 @ 2:57 PM ET
Tampa is also loaded at C. I've seen Tyler Johnsons name out there as possibly the odd man out. Not sure how well he'd fare in the west. Highly doubtful they'd move anyone like Brayden Point, Yanni Gourde, or JT Miller.
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Jun 18 @ 2:11 PM ET
I think everyone needs to re-evaluate who they should trade and how the Wild can actually make trades. Fenton got the job with the idea that the roster just needed a little tweaking and needs to get players that fit the style that BB coaches. Then look at the current roster and decide who is worth a lot in a trade and does not quite fit the style the team should play. I think that points to 2 specific players....Granlund and Spurgeon.

You have to figure Top 9 LW is filled by Parise, Zucker and Greenway. Center has Staal, JEE and Koivu. RW has Granlund, Coyle, Nino and probably Kunin. I see Kunin playing 3rd line with Koivu, learning everything he can about playing defensively. We pretty much know he has offensive game. Coyle and Nino fit the style of bigger players that BB wants (just need to get Coyle to play big), so that logically leaves Granlund. If Fenton could pull off a Granlund for Faulk, that would be great. That would give the Wild 2 righty (Dumba/Faulk) and 2 lefty Dman (Brodin/Suter) for top 4 pairing. And it would help the Canes get a little younger, which is sounds like they want to do.

Then if he could pull off a Spurgeon for William Nylander (I know, probably need a little more than just Spurgeon, but that can be worked on), that could just be the tweaks that are needed. Nylander pushes JEE to 4C (until JEE replaces Koivu at 3C) and gives TOR the righty puck moving Dman that everyone wants (I don't think they know if Zaitsev is that proven yet). I also saw Zibanejad as an idea, but I think it would take way to much to pry him from the Rangers. At least Nylander SHOULD cost less, but can't guarantee that. Maybe a Spurgeon/Olafsson for Nylander/Martin could be the trick. I am probably over valuing Spurgeon here, but the right handed Dman seems to be becoming a unicorn in the NHL, so I have his value a little higher.

But between those 2 trades, the Wild 1) get some more cap space to lock up Zucker and Dumba 2) add more size to the top 9 by subtraction 3) get a true #2C that can move to #1 in just a couple of years and 4) get the preferred righty/lefty set up on D for all 3 lines (Brodin/Dumba, Suter/Faulk and Seeler/Prosser.