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Forums :: Blog World :: Guest Writer: Long year’s journey into light
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Apr 11 @ 7:40 AM ET
New Jersey Devils
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Apr 11 @ 7:55 AM ET
The regular season always has its ups and downs but no doubt it’s been a great year for this team. Seasons end badly for everyone except whoever hoist The Stanley Cup but I’m hoping for a good showing.

This team is too young and too flawed and too inexperienced to have big playoff expectations; but they seem to have turned the franchise around. I’m constantly surprised how many people now look at the Devils as a fast and exciting team. So nice to escape the reputation of boring, low event hockey.
Tampa Bay Lightning
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Apr 11 @ 8:00 AM ET
Probably too young of a team to go deep- but you never know.

It took getting swept by Montreal in our latest Bolts era to figure out the playoffs. Not saying that'll happen to the Devils, but it really isn't the worst thing in the world.

All in all though, wow... NJ sure figured it our re: building a proper program. Good on ya'.
New Jersey Devils
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Apr 11 @ 10:11 AM ET
Nice article Guest, thanks for the Devils love.

Agree with you Queenie!
Florida Panthers
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Apr 11 @ 10:18 AM ET
Gilles Moncour - WHO ARE YOU????!?!??!?!?
New Jersey Devils
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Apr 11 @ 10:44 AM ET
Gilles Moncour - WHO ARE YOU????!?!??!?!?
- PapaSquat

Sam Woo
New Jersey Devils
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Apr 11 @ 1:33 PM ET
New Jersey Devils
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Apr 11 @ 6:57 PM ET
Its been a fun year...no matter where it ends. And excited for next year as well. Been to more games this year than the last three combined. Winning wants to make you go, hopefully ownership gets that.