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Forums :: Blog World :: Paul Stewart: Every Parent's Nightmare
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Paul Stewart
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Apr 10 @ 2:41 PM ET
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Apr 10 @ 4:49 PM ET
I reffing the 14 U Tier 1 Nationals in NC over the weekend and yesterday, we all came together and had a moment of silence. I could barely hold the tears in, knowing most of these boys would be playing junior in a couple of years and thinking what if it was one of them, not even knowing them just knowing what it feels like as a parent was extremely difficult.

The hockey community is such a tight knit one, that someone you know knows someone that is connected to the team. It's why I love this sport, their loss is our loss. We stand together with a bond based off the love of a game and for the most part mutual respect.

Even now typing this days later it is hard to not get emotional about it.

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Apr 10 @ 5:36 PM ET
Emotion is what makes the game what it is. I'd expect nothing less from you.
If you didn't care so much you wouldn't have gotten as far as you did.

It's the double edged sword.

My wife taught children with severe special needs for many years. The sensitivity that it takes to do that job also makes her susceptible to the haters and nasty people. She would never have been such a good teacher if she wasn't so sensitive.

So, if you care deeply it opens you up to hurt deeply.

I hope the parents of those players learn to move on one day at a time.
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Apr 11 @ 6:01 AM ET
Thanks, Paul. Great article.
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Apr 11 @ 10:36 AM ET
Our hearts ache 😢