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Forums :: Montreal Canadiens :: So what does the opening night roster look like?
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Sep 29 @ 11:00 AM ET

So we have seen 4 games so far and have a pretty good indication of who has stood out thus far at camp. So what are your predictions for the opening night roster?

Barring a trade In think we are going to see the following:



For the record I believe Gaklchenyuk should be playing center but right now we need a winger and have a log jam down the middle.
Montreal Canadiens
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Sep 30 @ 10:10 AM ET
As E.Engels, I think Sekac will play 3rd and Gallagher on 2nd.
But I agree with you for Tinordi. We need to keep that guy. He needs some NHL ice
to develop, that big-hit against Washington is exactly what the Habs needs.
Alternate Beaulieu and Tinordi depending who we play against.
Damn, I'd even play Tinordi with Markov instead of Gilbert, He would learn SOOO
much. Everyone playing with Markov for a year ends-up a very good D.

Did I mention I loved that hit ? Skates on the ice, shoulder down, no charging,
just blocked the way !! Perfect hit !! And liked the way he defended himself after.

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Sep 30 @ 10:56 PM ET



I think they gamble and send down Tokarski.

I think Moen gets traded for a low round pick, or a junior prospect who's fallen out of his team's favour. There's no room for Moen anymore.
I know he's out for several months, but I would've kept Ryan White if he was going to sign a 2-way deal like he did with Philly. Would've solved a lot of problems in case of injury in the bottom 6.

I hope they don't sign Bouillon and just let Drewiske be #7. Tinordi needs 3-4 months of AHL hockey. Pateryn less so but I still think based on pre-season the Habs send him down. Both guys can be called up and fill in if there's an injury, really no need whatsoever for Bouillon.

Hope Nygren quickly gets a hang of the North American game without jumping ship again, and can become another reliable call-up. Then there's Dietz who looked like he's pretty close to ready for bottom pairing duties based on his pre-season play.

The team is pretty close to being really good.