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Nov 25 @ 3:50 PM ET
Have been posting some long-winded notes entries from WHL games this year. Dumping them here for reference. Open thread for comments, other notes, etc. regarding prospects and draft eligible players.
Chicago Blackhawks
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Nov 25 @ 4:10 PM ET
Friday - 10/15/22
Caught the SEA-EDM WHL game last night. Seattle dominated, 7-0, think the Oil Kings are rebuilding this year after winning the WHL last year.

Notes on Seattle players:

Kevin Korchinski was as advertised. Showed excellent stick handling at the point on the power play. Was judicious with pinching, did it just a few times. Always looking for good outlet pass. Nice clear shorthanded that led to a 2 on 1. 1 assist, 3 shots, +3. Only mistake, almost got beat around the edge just after the intial faceoff of the second period. Was able to use his length and skating to partially recover, goalie made the save.

Scott Ratzlaff, G, 2023 eligible (Wiz rank #64) - Got the shutout, not challenged too much, had a couple of good stops, also stopped a penalty shot. Seems quiet and steady in goal, does not wander, good positioning.

Gracyn Sawchyn, F/C, 2023 eligible (Wiz #176) - Sawchyn is a little reedy at 5-11, 165, but is willing to mix it up and go into the corners for the puck. Good carry, good passing, can elevate shot, saw him once or twice in the DeBrincat spot ready for a one-timer. Has an aggressive faceoff approach and won several. Playing second line right now, has 8 points in 6 games. Needs to get stronger but seems like he would be worth taking mid to late rounds.

Brayden Dube, F, 2023 eligible (not ranked) - Playing 4th line right now and did not get a lot of ice time. Did score late 3rd period with a nice shot on the power play. Is blocked a little bit because Seattle has a deep team. Probably not drafted this year, might be worth a look on a redraft later on.

Tij Iginla, F, 2024 eligible - Was the WHL first round pick for Seattle. Playing 3rd line and finding his way. Son of Jarome Iginla, does not have his Dad's size, right now is average size, 5-10, 160. Positions well, willing to engage for the puck, goes to the front of the net. Got his first WHL goal late in the 3rd on a power play. Should improve quickly as time goes on, has another year to establish his draft status.
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Nov 25 @ 4:16 PM ET
Tuesday - 11/1/22
Notes on SEA-Prince George WHL game on Nov.1. This was a chippy game dominated by Seattle who won 6-3. Notes on players:

Koehn Zeimmer, RW, Prince George, 2023 eligible (Wiz rank #33) - Zeimmer plays RW on the same line as C Riley Heidt (see below). On that line Zeimmer plays the Kane-type role, moving up the boards and carrying in or dumping in if blocked. He has some escapability, as he had a breakaway goal (mostly his work) and was 2nd star for the game. At 6-0, 201 he is thick but it does not appear to slow him down. Has a good sense for finding an open man on the move. He is not on the top line but with Heidt is key to the scoring line. Plays on the top power play but not the penalty kill as of yet. Defense is a work in progress but he has time for polishing as he will have two more years in WHL. Took several faceoffs and was 4/8 for the game. -- Name pronounced like (KO-en ZEE-mer) --

Riley Heidt, C, Prince George, 2023 eligible (Wiz rank #46) - Heidt plays C on the same line as RW Koehn Zeimmer (see above). On that line Heidt plays the Toews-type role, taking most faceoffs (7/13 on the night). He got a breakaway on a nice pass, did not score but drew a hooking penalty. Had an assist on a nice pass. At 5-11, 179 he will need to bulk up some without losing speed. As with Zeimmer, Heidt is key to the scoring line, plays on the top power play but not on the penalty kill, and defense is still developing. Note that Wiz has him at #46 but some other mock drafts have him top 20.

Heidt and Zeimmer work well together, and their talent shows through but both will need development. From this one game (small sample), I would say a second round ranking in 2023 draft seems about right for both.

Seattle players (see list above in previous post):

Kevin Korchinski - All the positives above still apply. This is a very polished player, he seems to always be in the correct spot, and a key part of the play. Had 3 assists (all secondary) and 3 SOG. Stamina was noticeable, twice he finished a shift, Seattle took a penalty, and he was back out for most of the penalty kill. He is much further along than Jokiharju was at the same age (of course that is expected as he is a much higher pick).

Gracyn Sawchyn, F/C, 2023 eligible (Wiz #133) - Again above comments apply; this was a chippy game and he has no problems being in the mix. Faceoffs (6/11) are still noticeable as well as passing (had primary assist on a nice pass in the slot) and 1 SOG. Seems like a good value in 5th round or so.

Ratzlaff and Iginla did not play, Dube had no stat line.
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Nov 25 @ 4:19 PM ET
Wednesday, 11/23/22
Kelowna at Seattle WHL game on Nov.23: This started as a bit of a sloppy game and was a bit slower than expected the first two periods. Seattle was called for several penalties in the 2nd period. The third was better played, faster and more wide open. Seattle led 3-2 after 2 and finished with an empty net goal.

Notes on players:

Colton Dach, LW, Kelowna - did not play. He was serving a one-game suspension for a check to the head, got a major and a game misconduct in his last game. Kelowna returns to Seattle in a few weeks, may get a look at him then.

Andrew Cristall, LW, Kelowna, 2023 eligible (Wiz rank #18) - Cristall is a small player at 5-10 and 165. He carries the puck easily in open ice, and is focused on moving it forward by passing. He had a nice no-look pass to spring a teammate for a breakaway. As you might expect, although he is very skilled, he can be bumped off the puck and has trouble passing in crowded areas. He will need to get stronger, and learn to protect the puck especially along the boards to enable clean passes. He played LW on a line with Gabriel Szturc (see below). He has a nice shot that he elevates easily; against a bigger team like Seattle he struggled a little to find space to shoot. Had 4 PIM (a roughing minor and a high-sticking minor). Cristall has been on a hot streak before this game and is 5th in the WHL in points: 15G, 20A, 35pts in 19 games.

Gabriel Szturc, C/LW, Kelowna, 2023 eligible (Wiz #162) - Szturc (pronounced like - Sturtz) played C on the same line with Cristall. He is always engaged in the play and tries to carry the puck in. He is average size (5-10, 176) and was somewhat limited by the larger Seattle team. He was rubbed out on the boards several times, but wasn't deterred. Had two assists on the night and was named 3rd star. Stood up for a teammate in a dust-up around the net. High motor and always around the puck; faceoff percentage 9/17. Shows potential as a bottom-6 guy in higher leagues as he is always active and involved. Right now he is doing lots of scoring. Stats: 8G, 21A for 29 points in 18 games.

Caden Price, LD, Kelowna, 2023 eligible (Wiz #21) - Price has good size at 6-1, 181 and uses his size to engage along the boards. Price seemed sluggish to start the game, nearly getting beaten a couple of times, but improved as the game went along. He appeared at RD also, and seemed comfortable on either side. Took a hooking minor and Seattle scored on the power play. Good in 3rd period, carried the puck out a couple of times, had a big hit along the boards for a turnover, and showed nice defense on the penalty kill. Talent showed through after a slow start. Stats: 2G, 10A for 12 points in 18 games.

Seattle players:

Kevin Korchinski - Again looked very polished and always where he is supposed to be. Had a couple of rushes showing ability to maneuver and carry up ice, then trigger the play in the offensive zone. Pinched more than in the game on 11/1, got some chances but did not end up out of position. Nice assist on the power play. One bad giveaway, did not result in a goal. Started on LD with Nolan Allan at RD, but they were separated early.

Nolan Allan - Was second star of the game but had no stat line. Was very good on defense; as expected, he engaged physically but also was very good with using the stick in the defensive zone, and broke up several plays. He is confident in roaming a bit from his defensive position to make a play. Early in the game he seemed hesitant on passing and clearing the puck, but was much improved by the 3rd, and got into the rush several times. He is still new to the team so hesitating in some situations could be expected. Started at RD first pairing with Korchinski, but moved to LD later, looked comfortable at both.

Gracyn Sawchyn, F/C, 2023 eligible (Wiz #135) - Sawchyn had been playing 2C for Seattle but was moved up to 1RW. Has recently had a hot streak for points, now at 5G, 14A, 19 points in 18 games. His game is still as noted previously, always involved and engages physically, but in this game he carried the puck more and had some good rushes. Two shots on goal, and only 5 faceoffs, winning two.

Scott Ratzlaff, G, 2023 eligible (Wiz #62) - Ratzlaff is average size (6-1, 170) and is mostly quiet in net. He stays low, does not roam much, and seems to be able to stay compact and square with the shooter. On the first goal, he got off balance. The second goal was on a deflection. As the game opened up in the third period, he came out of net to play the puck a little more and was efficient, moving quickly and then getting back to the net. Handled a series of penalty kills well in the 2nd.

Nico Myatovich, RW, 2023 eligible (Wiz #89) - Watching all the other players above caused me to not follow Myatovich much during this game. He always seems to score in the games that I attend, in this game he got the assist on the empty net goal to finish the game. His size (6-2, 181) is noticeable on the ice, and he seems to have a nose for the net. 7G, 6A, 13 points in 18 games. Will try to follow more closely in a future game.

Tij Iginla, C, 2024 eligible - Again, was not able to watch Iginla closely. He had a primary assist on Seattle's third goal. On one rush, he showed impressively smooth skating, and was able to maneuver quickly, avoiding Kelowna players easily and getting deep into the offensive zone. Will try to follow more closely in a future game. As a young player, he is not getting into every game. Stats: 1G, 5A, 6 points in 11 games. See 10/15 notes for more on Iginla.
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Dec 12 @ 1:57 AM ET
Wednesday, 12/11/22
Vancouver Giants at Seattle WHL game on Dec. 11: Both teams were playing their 3rd game in 3 nights, so the play was a bit slower and there was more open ice. Seattle had a big second period, wore down Vancouver, and won 5-2.

Notes on players:

Samuel Honzek, C, Vancouver, 2023 eligible (Wiz rank #27) - Honzek is in his first year in the WHL after coming over from Slovakia. He is tall (6-3, 181) and his size is noticeable on the ice. He has 41 points in 30 games so far. Played mostly LW in this game, but did get a few shifts at center. He plays on PP1, only sometimes on PK2. He plays on the third line but is relied on for scoring. Long strides allow him to cover a lot of ice quickly. His game is mostly offense, but his defense can develop; he seems willing to engage in the corners and behind the net. Had a dominant PP shift where he had a couple of shots, retrievals behind the net, and nice passes to teammates for shots. Plays center and stays in front of net on PP. 1 SOG for the game.

I wasn't sure he would be playing - thought he would have left to be on the Slovakia team for the WJC. He may still be there, that would be a good place to get a look at his game.

Mazden Leslie, RD, Vancouver, 2023 eligible (Wiz #99) - This is a mid-sized defender at 6-1, 182 who has raised his scoring this year with 26 points in 30 games, already exceeding his point total from last year. He stays near the post in his own zone, in this game that caused some delay on retrieval and clearing. A couple of times he moved up a little too early, and a Seattle player got behind him for an opportunity (am guessing some of these plays were due to 3 games in 3 days). Carried puck end-to-end on one rush and kept it in, allowing time for a full change. Played on PP1, had a nice pinch up the boards, got the puck, and put a hard low shot on goal. Shooting in warmup indicated he could lift the puck on shots as well. Had an assist on Vancouver's second goal, 4 SOG and a penalty.

Seattle players:

Kevin Korchinski and Nolan Allan are gone to the Team Canada camp for the World Junior Championships. Scott Ratzlaff, G, 2023 eligible (Wiz #58) was not in goal tonight.

Gracyn Sawchyn, F/C, 2023 eligible (Wiz #129) - Sawchyn played 1RW and also played some 1C during the game. He is very active and usually around the puck. There was more open ice in this game and he demonstrated some good carrying and passing ability. Aggressive on faceoffs. Had an impressive PP shift with several retrievals and passes. 3 SOG for the game and several nice passes. On PP, plays the DeBrincat spot but no one-timer, more of a bumper approach, passing or carrying to the net. Gives the impression of not totally trusting his shot there.

Nico Myatovic, RW, 2023 eligible (Wiz #97) - Myatovic has good size at 6-3, 180 and uses it along the boards. He is an opportunistic scorer (10G, 17 points in 26 games). Went behind the net on offense and delivered a big hit to get the puck. Had an end-to-end rush and drew a penalty but did not score. Plays PP2; got open on the PP but goalie stopped the shot.

Tij Iginla, C, 2024 eligible - Iginla is average size (6-0, 180) and is new to the WHL this year. He has worked his way up to the middle six at center, and continues to improve. He is very good at maneuvering and stick handling, and also at finding open ice. On defense he is able to break up plays with the stick. Very instinctive. Not sure where he will be drafted next year but he seems to be improving quickly. Had 5 SOG for the game and several nice carries and passes.

Hyde Davidson, RD, 2024 eligible - With Korchinski and Allan gone, Davidson drew in to the top pairing for Seattle. He is tall and thin (6-2, 160) and has a very aggressive style. Twice he pinched in all the way to behind the goal line, but was successful and kept the puck in. He roamed widely to stop plays and in this game it worked. Got a nice pass and scored on a breakaway, also had an assist. Was the first star of the game. No idea if this player is even a prospect, but he plays a wide-open game that will need to be reined in at higher levels. Has mostly played the lower pairings until tonight.

NOTE: Not to be confused with Seattle C Jared Davidson, who was Rd. 5 choice of MTL in 2022 draft.

Spencer Michnik, G, 2024 eligible - New arrival, first WHL game tonight. 6-2, 171. 22/24 tonight, was game's second star. Is behind Thomas Milic (undrafted, Canada's G #3 at WJC) and Scott Retzlaff so won't play a lot this year. Mid-round pick in WHL draft so may not have upside for higher levels.
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Jan 21 @ 3:54 AM ET
Friday, 1/20/2023
Lethbridge Hurricanes at Seattle WHL
: This was a close game that was won 3-2 in overtime by Seattle. The first period was somewhat slow but play picked up as the game went along. Game was won on a penalty shot.

Notes on Lethbridge players:

Noah Chadwick, LD, Lethbridge, 2023 eligible (Wiz NR, CS #147 NA) - Chadwick is tall at 6-3, 190 and his size is noticeable. He plays on PP2 for Lethbridge. He seems focused on defense right now, he is active in the D zone, positioning is good, and able to clear on gaining possession. Had a low, hard point shot that required a good save. For season, he has 3G, 8A, 11 points in 44 games.

Logan Wormald, LW, Lethbridge, 2023 eligible (Wiz #127, CS #160 NA) - Wormald is a smaller player at 5-9, 150. In warmups he showed a good shot, lifting the puck easily and picking the corners. He plays on PP1, and carries the puck on push-back entries. Usually in the mix on offense, will go below goal line to retrieve the puck. Had a good back check, steal, and rush toward goal but did not get a shot off. Has 17G, 15A, 32 points in 44 games.

Brayden Edwards, C, Lethbridge, 2023 eligible (NR) - Edwards is a mid-sized center at 6-1, 175. Was not very noticeable in this game, had some good entries but did not dent the score sheet. Wiz had him as a late 7th rounder earlier but he has dropped off the boards for 2023 draft. Has 4G, 8A, 12 points in 44 games.

Seattle players:

Kevin Korchinski - Korchinski was 1st star and had 2 assists on the night. Started a nice play to Sawchyn on the goal line with swift pass to J. Davidson for a PP goal. Good D on the PK. Had an end-to-end rush and carry in. Now at 4G, 32A, 36 points in 27 games.

Nolan Allan - Allan started the game a little slowly, having some trouble with clearing the puck, and was beaten on the first Lethbridge goal. Much improved in periods 2 and 3, breaking up plays on D, and advanced the puck well, skating it up and into the O zone several times. Pinched a few times and carried the puck deep from the point as well. Roams effectively on D, O seems to be developing too. Allan started as the D in the overtime period. Now has 6G, 9A, 15 points in 29 games total (PG and Seattle).

Scott Ratzlaff, G, 2023 eligible (Wiz #68, CS #6 NA,G) - Ratzlaff was as usual very compact in goal, and very effective at stopping shots. 1st goal was when shooter got behind the defense, 2nd goal was on a rebound. Ratzlaff was able to stop several point-blank shots in the middle of the game. Efficient movement, does not wander. For season, 22G, 16W, 5L, SV% .916, GAA 2.27.

Gracyn Sawchyn, F/C, 2023 eligible (Wiz #34, CS #42 NA) - Sawchyn has jumped up the draft boards, and is now playing 1LW for Seattle. Was 2nd star in the game and had 2 primary assists. Shows good carry on entries, driving and finding shots. Plays on the goal line some on the PP, and had a quick pass out front for an assist on Seattle's first goal. Noticeable on back check also. Seems to be improving in all areas, showing why he has moved up so much on draft boards. 1 primary assist in this game, also made the pass in OT that resulted in a penalty shot for the win; is at 13G, 30A, 43 points in 40 games.

Nico Myatovic, RW, 2023 eligible (Wiz #96, CS #47 NA) - Myatovic has moved to 47th on Central Scouting, and has moved up to RW1 in Seattle. He is willing to go into the corners to retrieve on offense, had a good pass to the front of the net. Played well on PK, was able to clear the puck a few times. Started the overtime period. Now has 16G, 17A, 33 points in 40 games.

Sawyer Mynio, LD, 2023 eligible (Wiz NR, CS #111 NA) - Mynio has good size at 6-1, 173. His defensive game is the focus, he has good positioning and is able to clear the puck. Plays on PK2. Had a low, hard point shot on offense, 2 SOG for the game. 3G, 15A, 18 points in 40 games.

Tij Iginla, C, 2024 eligible - Iginla is much smaller than his dad; he is 6-0, 180 right now and this is his rookie year in the WHL. Earlier he was finding his way, but now he is very involved, willing to mix it up, and is smooth and elusive when he has any space to carry the puck. Stays in the slot and front of the net on offense. Defense is a work in progress as might be expected. Playing 2C and 3C right now. Has 2G, 10A, 12 points in 31 games.

Hyde Davidson, RD, 2024 eligible - did not play.

Colton Dach is still recovering from the shoulder injury at the WJC and did not play.

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May 23 @ 5:45 PM ET
Here is a preliminary 2023 Draft WHL cheat sheet:

I put in bold some favorites from my admittedly microscopic sample from viewed games (a few Seattle guys as you might expect).

Wiz CS-NA Name Ht Wt Pos Team (RS)G-G-A-TP (PO)G-G-A-TP
1 1 Bedard, Connor 5-10 185 C Regina 57-71-72-143 7-10-10-20
6 6 Benson, Zach 5-10 159 C Winnipeg 60-36-62-98 15-9-14-23
13 15 Cristall, Andrew 5-10 165 LW Kelowna 54-39-56-95 4-1-0-1
14 7 Danielson, Nate 6-1 185 C Brandon 68-33-45-78 0-0-0-0
15 9 Honzek, Samuel 6-3 186 LW Vancouver 43-23-33-56 4-1-3-4
19 11 Yager, Brayden 6-0 166 C Moose Jaw 67-28-50-78 10-6-10-16
24 21 Heidt, Riley 5-11 178 C Prince George 68-25-72-97 9-2-6-8
25 18 Dragicevic, Lukas 6-2 181 RD Tri-Cities 68-15-60-75 6-0-4-4
38 25 Ziemmer, Koehn 6-0 195 RW Prince George 68-41-48-89 10-3-4-7
41 28 Molendyk, Tanner 5-11 183 LD Saskatoon 67-9-28-37 18-3-5-8
48 35 Cagnoni, Luca 5-10 179 LD Portland 67-17-47-64 9-1-6-7
49 39 Lind, Kailan 6-1 155 LW Red Deer 43-16-28-44 10-2-3-5
50 24 Sawchyn, Gracyn 5-11 165 C Seattle 58-18-40-58 17-3-8-11
53 47 Price, Caden 6-1 180 LD Kelowna 65-5-35-40 4-1-1-2
54 G-1 Bjarnason, Carson 6-4 180 G Brandon 47-3.08-0.900 0-0.00-0.000
83 G-4 Ratzlaff, Scott 6-2 171 G Seattle 34-2.15-0.918 0-0-0-0
93 26 Myatovic, Nico 6-3 180 LW Seattle 68-30-30-60 19-4-3-7

95 75 Levis, Connor 6-2 193 C Kamloops 68-27-40-67 14-1-5-6
104 125 Leslie, Mazden 6-1 193 RD Vancouver 66-12-38-50 4-0-2-2
122 158 De Luca, Tommasso 6-0 180 C Spokane 65-16-33-49 0-0-0-0
126 156 Wormald, Logan 5-9 150 RW Lethbridge 66-22-22-44 4-0-0-0
127 93 Parker, Kalem 6-0 189 RD Victoria 68-6-32-38 0-0-0-0
130 62 Mynio, Sawyer 6-1 173 LD Seattle 68-5-26-31 19-2-0-2
140 220 Szturc, Gabriel 5-10 176 C Kelowna 56-24-55-79 4-0-0-0
182 NR Oremba, Sam 6-2 196 LW Regina 65-10-16-26 7-0-1-1
190 215 Tulk, Oliver 5-8 172 RW Calgary 68-24-36-60 5-1-2-3

NR G-19 Unger, Jackson 6-2 205 G Moose Jaw 38-2.58-0.925 1-13.04-0.571
NR 115 Uchacz, Kai 6-1 193 C Red Deer 68-50-35-85 12-9-5-14
NR 172 Port, Vojtech 6-2 173 RD Edmonton 48-4-13-17 0-0-0-0
NR NR Gizowski, Cooper 5-10 172 LW Spokane 65-11-15-26 0-0-0-0
NR NR Edwards, Brayden 6-1 175 LW Lethbridge 68-10-18-28 4-1-3-4

1. Bedard's stats are just otherworldly.

2. Really liked Ziemmer in the one game that I saw, he was very effective on the attack; in D zone, work in progress.

3. Cagnoni is very effective in moving the puck up the ice, he is very good at stretch passes. Passes don't miss often. Solid in D zone. He is a lefty though, and I think the Blackhawks might prefer a RD if they draft in this area.

4. I will pound the table a bit for Sawchyn. Liked his game all year even when he was not ranked high. Has improved all year and move up in the rotation despite Seattle acquiring some high-ranked forwards. Very well rounded, good speed, carry, passing, shooting, faceoffs, etc. Think he will make a good middle 6 guy.

5. Ratzlaff was solid all year, stays balanced, square to shooter, does not wander. Decent playing the puck as needed. Has good size and movement. No playoff action as Milic played all the games. Should be the starter in Seattle next year.

6. Myatovic is a streaky, opportunistic scorer with good size. Will need to continue improving in all areas, but should be a top 6 forward in Seattle next year.

7. Wormald is a small player but has an impressive shot. Very active, willing to go into the corners and behind the net, and to backcheck also. Could develop into a middle or bottom 6 scorer.

8. I noted that Wiz had moved Mynio up recently on his board. He has good size and has been solid all year, and also showed some offensive potential. Got kind of buried on the depth chart after Seattle got Prokop and Allan.

9. Continuous effort is what is good about Szturc right now. He is not stout and can get rubbed out of plays, but is always moving and trying to get and advance the puck. Did have decent scoring over the year. Possible energy guy if he gets bigger and retains his speed.

10. One other interesting player is Kai Uchacz. Was in Seattle for a while and didn't score much. Offensive production ballooned this year and he has decent size. Is ageing out of the WHL so might be an interesting late pick or undrafted signing.
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Jun 25 @ 4:17 AM ET
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Oct 18 @ 3:59 PM ET
Tuesday 10/17/2023

Notes on the Brandon-Seattle WHL game on Tuesday the 17th. This was a chippy game with lots of net-front action, scrums and a few fights. Brandon took a 2 goal lead with 2:36 left in the third, then Seattle scored 4 goals in the last 1:04 to win the game 6-4. Sometimes it pays to stay until the end.

The Seattle team has changed quite a bit from last year with several of the older players (including Dach, Allan, and apparently Korchinski) moving on. Last year's NHL draft picks Myatovich, Sawchyn, Mynio, Hanzel, and Ratzlaff are back, but most of the rest of the team is younger guys. Tij Iginla was traded to Kelowna to recoup some of the draft capital spent last year on the Memorial Cup run.

Notes on draftable players:
Caleb Hadland, C, Brandon, 2024 Eligible (Wiz rank #124), 5-10, 180 -
Hadland is a mid-sized center who has 9 pts in 11 games this year. He has notable speed and is able to carry the puck and pass well, did not get pushed off the puck. Was able to get his shot off in traffic. Plays on the left wall on the power play. Always moving and is willing to go to the front of the net. Not a big scorer last year but looks to be a PPG this year.

Charlie Elick, RD, Brandon, 2024 Eligible (Wiz #56), 6-3, 190 -
Elick's size stands out but he is mobile and skates very smoothly in open ice, including going backwards. On offense, he stays at the point and has a low, hard shot that usually gets through to the net and can generate rebounds. Played a bit at LD also. Physical on defense, had a boarding penalty behind his own net, was nearly beaten on the rush a couple of times, and would chase out to the blue line in his own zone on occasion. All of these are correctable as he gains experience. Tools stand out and he looks like he could become a good mid-pairing d-man.

Carson Bjarnason, G, Brandon, Undrafted 2023, 6-3, 202 -
Bjarnason was not drafted last year and is eligible to re-draft. Stays low and squar in net. Moves well for his size. The 5 goals allowed were from close in leaving him little chance to react. Got caught up in the frenzy at the end of the game, but played well otherwise.

Simon Lovsin, RW, Seattle, 2024 Eligible (Wiz NR), 6-0, 176 -
Lovsin played a little last year but was somewhat blocked by the veterans on the team. Played on the first line in this game, and was very active in all zones, and at even strength and on the power play. Got bumped off the puck a couple of times when carrying. Jumped in and fought after a teammate was boarded, had an assist on the tying goal, and got the empty net goal, thereby earning the Gordie Howe hat trick. Will have to pick up scoring a bit to be considered as a draft pick in 2024, has 2 points in 4 games.

Bryce Pickford, RD, Seattle, 2024 Eligible (Wiz #63), 6-0, 170 -
Pickford is mostly a stay-at-home type defenseman that started on the first pairing and played on both the PK and PP. In the defensive zone he had good positioning, and made clean exit passes to the forwards, also carried puck out a couple of times. Played point on the power play and had one good shot. Also nice clear on the PK. Had a fighting major after a scrum in front of the net.

Hyde Davidson, LD, Seattle, 2024 Eligible (Wiz NR), 6-2, 170 -
Davidson is the same size as Pickford but plays a very different game. Davidson and Pickford are paired occasionally. Davidson likes to roam and push the puck up with longer passes. He will often pinch in, even behind the opponent's goal line. First game I saw him last year, he was very effective with this approach, scored a goal and was first star; this won't work well at higher levels, so he has been trying to add some stay-at-home to his ranging. He can carry the puck out but will need to improve his outlet passes. Had several shots on goal in the game, but currently has 1 point in 5 games so far.

Braeden Cootes, C, Seattle, 2025 Eligible, 5-11, 170 -
Cootes was a top pick for Seattle (WHL #10) and has begun to play regularly this year. Has good speed and carry and can lead the rush, can get shots off in traffic. 4 points in 5 games so far this year. Looks as if he will make rapid improvement with regular playing time, and will be someone to watch next season in his draft year.

Kazden Mathies, LW, Seattle, 2025 Eligible, 5-11, 173 -
Mathies is also getting regular playing time this year, has 1 point in 5 games so far. Active player, showed good retrieval on forecheck, had some shot attempts.

Antonio Martorana, RW, Seattle, 2025 Eligible, 5-8, 162 -
Martorana is very fast and was able to get into position for passes on the rush, and to retrieve pucks in the offensive zone. Seems to be always active and has a nose for the puck. Has 2 points in 5 games this year.

Kaleb Hartmann, LD, Seattle, 2025 Eligible, 5-11, 185 -
Hartmann is a little bigger than Pickford and Davidson, was able to lift the puck on point shots, involved in some scrums near the net. Does not have a point in 5 games this season.
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Nov 11 @ 9:07 PM ET
Got a good look at Berkly Catton (Spokane WHL, Wiz 2024 rank #4) in the Spokane-Seattle WHL game last night. Did not attend but got it on the WHL streaming app.

Catton is mid-sized, 6-0, 175 but does not looks small on the ice. What stood out initially was his adeptness with the stick - several times in the game, he poked the puck away in the offensive zone from a Seattle player carrying it out; and was able to tip it to a teammate and set up a scoring chance.

Catton is always around the puck and carries easily, he looks to pass much of the time and is very good at it, he had several passes near the goal that could have been assists. Not hesitant to shoot either, had 6 SOG for the night.

At the start of the second, he got the puck in open ice, came in through the slot, changed the shot angle a little and scored top right corner. Was not sure of his top end speed, but as the game went on he was able to beat the d-men around the edge and get multiple chances, including his second goal of the night. Think he may be faster in person than he seems on TV.

Good anticipation of where the puck will be and where passes are going. Had a couple of nice pass interceptions leading to o-zone possessions. Faceoffs need some work; he doesn't take all of them, wingers take some. As with all the younger guys, he will need to work on being more physical on defense, but anticipation and quick stick are big plusses.

Projected as a top-5 and looks the part, so the Blackhawks probably will need to be drafting in that area to get a chance at him.
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Nov 30 @ 4:22 AM ET
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Mar 30 @ 1:25 AM ET
On the CHL streaming I saw the Prince George vs. Spokane first round opening game. Prince George is the top team in the WHL West and is loaded with talent including Riley Heidt and Koehn Zeimmer who were drafted last year. Spokane has Berkly Catton and also Connor Roulette has had a good year with 108 points. This game was wide-open, end-to-end action and fun to watch. Prince George won 6-1, kind of overwhelming Spokane as the game went on.

Player Notes:

Terik Paraczak, RW, 5-11, 174 Prince George (CS #14, Wiz #19) - Had a hat trick in the first 2 periods. Really like this player as I have mentioned several times this year. Always around the net on offense and does well carrying, passing and receiving on the rush. Plays in front of the net and 2 of his goals were tip-ins. Good in all areas but not a standout in any except scoring. Would be a steal in round 2 but unsure if he will last to the Tampa pick. Regular season 68 GP, 43-62-105, +49. Average size so not sure how he will do at higher levels scoring in close.

Ondrej Becher. C, 6-1, 184 Prince George (CS #84, Wiz NR?) - Didn't know much about Becher but he was flying tonight, was showing speed carrying puck into zone, had several shots on goal. 1G and 2A on the night, and was a constant threat on offense. Good size and plenty of speed. Searched Wiz's draft board but did not find him. Seems worthy of consideration in the 3rd round where Central Scouting has him.

Joshua Ravensberger, G, 6-4, 180, Prince George (2025 Eligible) - Young goalie that catches right-handed; has good size, and was calm in net in a wide-open game. Many nice stops. Will be interesting to track over the next year.

Berkly Catton, C, 5-10, 170, Spokane (CS #9, Wiz #3) - Catton still looks like a top-ten pick, very smooth carry, excellent passing, quick hard shot. My favorite player in the top ten (still want Celebrini #1 though) but I think he is probably not destined for Chicago.

William McIsaac, RD, 6-3, 192, Spokane (CS #98, Wiz #140) - Not too noticeable tonight - big player, had some hits, took a frustration penalty late in the game. Hard to tell about d-men in such a wide open game.

Dawson Cowan, G, 6-2, 186, Spokane (CS #5G, Wiz #139) - Thought he was OK despite giving up 6 goals. He was under siege all night and made a number of really good saves. Left a few big rebounds but had to scramble. Wouldn't be a bad gamble to take with a 5th or 6th rounder this year.
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Monday @ 5:47 PM ET
From November 16th

Was able to see Ryder Ritchie live in Seattle on Tuesday. His offense is very dynamic; in the first minute, he beat the defenseman around the edge (even while falling to one knee and recovering) and scored short side high. He is good on the carry, leading the rush, pretty good passing, and finds the open areas to get his shot off. He also had a steal and breakaway, but the goalie made the stop. He would stay out for long shifts, has no problem staying on for the PP even after a regular shift.

I did notice that, even though it was a fast, heavy game with a lot of hitting, he did not get involved physically at all. Used the stick along the boards, and did not go behind the net on either end. I know the dynamic scorers, especially young ones, may not be too physical, but it's something I would check back on going forward.

His offense is so good that he might be able to make the jump next year, but more probably the year after. Not sure I would use the top 10 pick on him based on this one game, but if he dropped to the second 1st rounder, would be worth taking.