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Johnny Gaudreau to Columbus...not likely

January 28, 2020, 9:31 AM ET [10 Comments]
Thomas Townsend
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In my last post I mentioned in passing that Gaudreau would be nice to have on the CBJ but more of a pipe dream. Some in the comments latched on to this and made mock-offers and got counter-mock-offers (or straight up rebuffed) by Flames fans. It was all in good fun and I really liked the discussions.

Johnny Gaudreau is a supremely talented player who isn't likely to be traded, especially traded on-the-cheap. Josh Anderson, while a talented player, isn't JG caliber. More assets would need to be included to get Gaudreau, probably more than CBJ fans and front office are willing to part with.

While Gaudreau is having a down season in terms of comparing himself to prior years, he is still on pace to eclipse 60 points. The Flames, while only having 57 points, sit in the 3rd position in the Pacific. Say what you will about this team, they just need a ticket to the playoffs and all bets are off. Look at what the CBJ did in the first round last season.

JG is on a cap-friendly contract, $6.75M this and the next two seasons. The Flames have him in his prime and with a manageable contract, in the midst of a playoff season. What would be their motivation to trade him? The offer would have to be something they could not refuse and way over the top.

The Jackets over-paid last year at the deadline. Their stock of draft picks are lacking and wing is not the position they need to fill. Talented scoring is always a position that needs filled...but that is another story. So, would this be a fit? Not for either team.

Replacing JG with Anderson is a downgrade at that position for the Flames. They don't need to dump salary. Unless they were completely out of the playoffs and looking to rebuild (which they are not) this move wouldn't make sense even with draft picks, defensemen or prospects thrown in.

Back to the original topic of the last post: Are there assets that the Jackets could move at the deadline? Yes, Anderson could be one of them that would fetch a good return, but not JG type return.

The depth we saw from AHL talent in the system could recover some of the lost draft picks. It could also free up some of the current NHL roster players to be moved. If I put on my GM hat, I don't necessarily need NHL talent to come back in return this season. These CBJ have overachieved by many standards and a trip to the playoffs would be a wonderful reward, but there are little in the way of expectations for this season.

What do you think, is Gaudreau a target for the Jackets? What would you send to CGY? Flames fans, what would you be willing to accept for him? Or is he untouchable?

Saturday can not come fast enough, just remember it is an afternoon game, @ BUF, game time 1 pm.

Good Luck and Go Jackets
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