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Sidney Crosby ties Wayne Gretzky

April 2, 2024, 1:39 PM ET [87 Comments]
Ryan Wilson
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Sidney Crosby has done something that no other player in the NHL’s history has done other than Wayne Gretzky. With two goals and an assist last night in the Penguins 5-2 victory over the Rangers it brings the Penguins captain to 82 total points. He has locked in his 19th consecutive point per game season. The Next One has tied The Great One. Crosby’s 19 season point streak can now buy a drink in Canada.

Crosby had 69 points in 69 games and things were looking dicey at the time on if this record was going to be tied or not. In true Sid fashion he registered 13 points in the last five games to put it to rest. Also in true Sid superstitious fashion he did not want to talk about it prior to it happening.

It is pretty cool, Sid. It is remarkable for a player in the modern era to be able to get anywhere close to a Wayne Gretzky career scoring record. The consistency of Sidney Crosby’s excellence is a staple of who he is and how he goes about his business. He’s been a constant for almost two decades after being anointed as the next big thing in hockey. Both he and Lebron James came into their respective leagues around the same time with as much hype surrounding them as humanly possible. Both players have exceeded those expectations and that isn’t the norm, not by any stretch. To live up to those lofty standards is truly legendary stuff and to think it almost didn’t happen. Year six of this historic streak was the year he got his concussion. I think over time people forgot that at the time there was real concern he may not play again and if he did he would not be the same player. Here we are 13 years later with 19 point per game seasons, including those dark years during what should have been his prime years. Years where he effectively lost 86 goals and 238 points.

Connor McDavid has been torching the NHL since he came into the league at an insanely impressive rate. Now imagine him losing three of his last five seasons to a head shot, broken jaw, and lockout. That’s the same timeframe Sid lost. We are fortunate to be getting McDavid’s prime years and I think it further highlights what we lost with the Steckel cheap shot.

Sid endured and has remained an elite player for every year of his career before, during, and since the injuries.

Here is a snapshot to put things in proper perspective

Here’s something really cool... With Crosby’s next point this season it will guarantee he will have over a point per game in every one of his 19 consecutive seasons during this streak. This is notable because he would be the only player in history to be able to make that claim. Not even The Great One was able to do this. In 1994-95 Gretzky had 48 points in 48 games during the lockout shortened season. As a result Sidney Crosby would lay claim as the only player above a point per game for that long.

It is such a proper record for Crosby to hold. I think hockey fans and certainly Penguins fans have just grown accustomed to Sidney Crosby being this beacon of excellence his entire career. Well yeah, of course Sid is awesome, of course he is playing great, it’s Sid. It is easy to take for granted when something is so certain and so consistent. Breaking a Gretzky record is a holy cow moment and really puts things into perspective. It is also a neat detail Crosby was able to secure the record at MSG, Gretzky's home rink when he secured his 19th consecutive point per game season.

There’s not a player in the modern era who deserves an accolade like this more than Crosby. He’s been a model of excellence since his teenage years up through the present. Congratulations to the captain. It’s been a memorable and fun 19 years so far. Here’s to year 20.

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