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Morrissey Contract Update

September 14, 2018, 10:11 AM ET [6 Comments]
Peter Tessier
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Last night around 11pm I put out this tweet:

After texting with some one who has always had a bit of an inside track on certain things with the Jets I felt it was worth suggesting the deal is close but I didn't want to get into a Twitter run on explaining the details.

So after hearing Chevy on 1290 this morning it's worth qualifying what the conversation I had was about.

It is believed that the Jets and Morrissey have agreed on terms of a 2-year bridge deal. Again, I could be totally wrong but I don't have any reason to believe this person is inaccurate or trying to make me the fool. I can do that all by myself without help.

The other part to this deal is the Jets still have a long-term contract offer available for Morrissey and have said sit on them both and decide. It seems odd but if you heard Chevy this morning you know he wants a long-term deal and perhaps this is why there is some waiting.

Let's work through the scenarios.

Bridge Deal

This is what Morrissey's camp wants as they can see how it worked for Trouba. He played, increased his value, and will at the very minimum be making 6 plus million on his next deal. Why wold Morrissey not want to take the same route? The Jets want Morrissey at camp, they want him long term but they recognize the player does have some leverage and have figured out the value of a bridge deal for two years. So why is it not signed and Morrissey in camp? I would think it's a very recent agreement and the Jets still want him to consider the long term deal.

Long Term

This is what the Jets want because they can undervalue his UFA years because he is further out from them. This in turn lowers the AAV that Chevy spoke so much of this morning on 1290. Now what we don't know is the numbers that have been offered. Perhaps the reason Morrissey sitting with the deal is because it's not far from where they want to be and they are trying to extract a little more from the Jets?

There's probably some frustration on both sides that it's come to this point but if everything is accurate, and that's a fairly substantial 'if' then it makes sense a deal of one kind is announced soon, hopefully today as the source mentioned.

If the two sides can agree short-term it would be interesting to know how close they are on long-term number, or rather how far apart? Perhaps there's a sticking point on lockout protection or it's simply AAV. Whatever the case there is hope that this saga could be over soon but in what capacity we will have to wait.

Now, as for those third jerseys that were leaked yesterday to be unveiled tonight at the Season Ticket Holder event... let the second guessing begin.
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