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Marner Watch: Officially ON

September 9, 2019, 8:54 AM ET [170 Comments]
Lucas Neilson
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Sometimes you get a gut feeling about a scenario or a vision of what’s to come. Well my magic eight ball is telling me that Mitch “the orchard” Marner is going to ink his deal this week. I’m looking for a long and strong deal; one that keeps Mitch in the blue and white for years to come.

What’s wrong with 8x10? Sounds like a nice picture size or measurement if you ask me.

The prospects are almost done their round robin games at Traverse City and the Leafs play the Wings in their final game tonight at 6pm which will determine the final seeding for the tournaments playoffs. Tomorrow kick starts the final day of the tournament which the final will be on at 5pm.

This is when I think Mitch Marner will ink his deal. Either Tuesday or Wednesday of this week.

Why do you ask?

The Maple Leafs depart to St. Johns for training camp on Thursday and it would be a damned shame for Marner to miss any of the camp. With that being said I have a feeling we see the deal finalized before Thursday’s departure to St. John’s.

Mitch wants to be with the boys there is no doubt about that in my mind. I’m sure this whole charade about the dealing is all part of the gig and that’s why we are seeing it league wide. It’s not as if Marner is the only RFA to be holding out to sign their deal just before (or after) training camp to get the best deal for themselves. It’s not all about the money I feel, it’s about comparing your salary to another players salary and thinking…”hey, im better than that guy”; like there is some sort of pride and ego in the contracts these young players sign.

It’s the new NHL. Faster, younger, more skilled and higher paid.

Bottom line here is we don’t need a Nylander 2.0 situation here. That’s not going to happen, this is Mitch Marner week and it just feels like the stars will align and the Leafs will be set for opener. Every point is important and it would be a real shame for Mitch to miss any games and cost the Leafs a playoff spot or home ice advantage in the ever so important round one.

Friday will kick start training camp and I’m really hoping we see Mitch Marner on the ice.

What do you think? Will the Leafs and Marner reach a deal before camp starts or will this drag on longer?

Thanks for reading, have a great day.
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