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Fast Flame: Zach Hyman & the price of protection

July 16, 2021, 8:02 PM ET [18 Comments]
John Gove
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Well, I originally wanted to call my quick hits pieces "Fire Stater" until I realized it is the name of the Flames' official NHL podcast. So, until I find something else Flames related with this name, it will be "Fire Starter."

I mentioned this in my Blues blog earlier today, but I cannot wait to talk about something concrete. Speculations and hypotheticals are fun talking points for only so long. I am ready to discuss real news.

Unfortunately, we aren't there quite yet. Anyways, we still have things to talk about...

1. So, let's talk Zach Hyman. According to Kevin McGran of The Toronto Star, Calgary is one of the teams pursuing the 29-year-old winger. After 15 goals and 18 assists this past season with Maple Leafs, it appears as though he is pricing himself out of Toronto.

There is no doubt that Hyman would be a welcome addition to the Flames roster with his point-producing ability and his willingness to layout hits and get physical. The issue comes with the cost. According to Evolving Hockey, Hyman is projected to receive a four-year deal worth $5.325 million, but I would not be shocked if he receives more on the open market. Of course, if the Flames traded for his rights, maybe they could get him locked in for a more team-friendly deal.

I'm all for Calgary bringing a player such as Hyman aboard. My worry comes with committing too much salary and term because the demand will cause them to do so. Maybe there's a more cost-effective option out there that provides something similar to what Hyman can?

At the same time, the Flames need to realize the situation they are in. Though they want to turn things around and contend, they are one season or two poor seasons away from going the other way and committing to an organizational rebuild. The last thing Calgary wants is a regrettable contract on their hands if that happens. There are some players you commit both money and term to without question. I'm just not convinced Hyman is one of them.

2. I was listening to "31 Thoughts: The Podcast," and Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek mentioned that Seattle keeps the cost high if teams want to steer them away from selecting certain players. I cannot remember which one said it, but one mentioned the price tag as a first and third-rounder.

Of course, that got me thinking about Mark Giordano. Even though I expect Brad Treliving to leave him exposed, I still think the Flames would like to make sure the Kraken does not take him. Unfortunately, a first and third-round pick is far too costly to ensure that. With the position Calgary is in, I'm not convinced dealing just a first-rounder is a move the Flames should make. Again, who knows what position this organization will be in next season. A first-round pick is too valuable an asset to let go of unless the return is substantial.

3. Obviously, things have been quite slow in Flames land for some time now. Look for all of that to change after Sunday when each teams' protection list is submitted. It is going to be a wild two weeks in the hockey world.
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