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Antti Raanta Takes Us Half Way Home + Shark Tank and Tectonic

May 11, 2020, 2:00 PM ET [49 Comments]
James Tanner
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Top 50 Coyotes of All-Time

It's hard to believe it's only been three seasons and 92 games with Antti Raanta as the Coyotes goalie.

It seems like a lot longer, anyways.

Raanta is the first goalie to appear on this list. He is actually 8th in games played for goalies in Coyotes history, and I think all but two of them will appear on this list eventually.

I suppose that makes him the 6th best goalie in franchise history, which ain't too shabby. He'd rank a lot higher if he could stay healthy.

Like Marin Hanzal before him, Raanta is incredibly injury prone. A stern look can drive him from the lineup for games at a time. You must approach the Raanta with caution, lest he refuse to strap on the pads.

Sudden movements frighten him. Bright lights freeze him, and a firm poke to the chest could shatter his ribs, sending bone fragments into the blood stream and requiring a type of Arc Reactor to prevent them from going to his heart.

But, when healthy, he's a legitimate superstar.

He hasn't played enough games to qualify, but his career save percentage is .921 which would rank him 5th on the NHL's all time list.


RAANTA? Holy &#*@#(@)@_#*&^&^^^^

And to think, there are actually people out there who think the Coyotes lost the trade that sent Tony Deangelo to the New York Rangers.

It takes all kinds.

Bottom line: If Raanta was even 20% more durable, he's likely be the best goalie in the NHL and surely the best player in Coyotes history.

Stats from quanthockey.com and hockeydb.com

Top 50 Movies of All-Time

50: Limitless
49: Oh Brother Where Art Though?
48: Role Models
47: the Rock
46: Mission Impossible Franchise
45: Nicholas Cage Man Tetrology
43: The Art of Self Defense
42:Walk Hard
41: The Winter Soldier
39: The 6th Day
38: Groundhog Day
37. The Batman Trilogy - Christopher Nolan
36: Jackie Brown
35: Gremlins
34: Who Framed Roger Rabbit
33: Speed
32: Adventure Land
31: Eyes Wide Shut
30: Semi Pro
29. Endgame/Ragnorak Trilogy
28. Baby Driver
27: Next

#26: Keanu

Some people really like Jordan Peel's horror movies, but not me. I didn't like them at all. I hate horror movies. They are usually gross.

When I watch a movie, I want to be entertained, and that usually means laughing.

Every movie should be an action movie, and they should all be funny. They should have - at the very least - full frontal nudity, and a decent amount of explosions. A good soundtrack is key.

Why the (arguably) funniest person alive spends his time writing horror movies is beyond me, but Keanu makes me glad he doesn't do it exclusively.

Kay and Peele is the best sketch comedy show of all-time ( Here's the rankings:1. K&P 2. MR. Show 3. SNL 4. Kids in the Hall) and the dynamic duo's first movie is just as good as they pedigree would lead you to believe.

This movie has some of the best jokes ever - including Will Forte as a terrible drug dealer - but the real reason it's a classic is the George Michael stuff.

Nothing will ever be funnier than a guy explaining to a hard core gangster why "Father Figure" is the best jam.

George Michael should be ranked somewhere north of John Lennon when it comes to song writing and musical chops, and this movie attempts to rectify the massive injustice which is Michael's critical underrating.

Anyways, according to my 'Liste d'infallable' it is the 26th best film ever made, and the third funniest comedy of all-time.
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