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Hotstove: Thoughts on Brad Marchand's extension with the Bruins?

September 27, 2016, 11:27 AM ET [27 Comments]
HockeyBuzz Hotstove
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In this edition of the hotstove we share our thoughts on Brad Marchand's eight-year extension that will carry a cap hit of $6.125 million.

Todd Cordell

I'm not in love with the length but I think this is a pretty good contract for the Bruins. Over the last three seasons Brad Marchand is top-20 in 5 v 5 goals and top-30 in 5 v 5 points. He is also an elite possession driver and Bruins control ~8% more of the goals at 5 v 5 with him on the ice as opposed to without him. He's an excellent player and will continue to be one for the foreseeable future. The last couple years of the deal may not look great but for the time being the Bruins have one of the NHL's best full-strength players signed for less than he is worth. I have no doubt he'd have fetched at least $7 million per as a free agent a year from now.

James Tanner

If I thought the Bruins had a good chance of competing for a Cup, I wouldn't mind it. The cap hit is good value for right now, but Marchand will be 73 when the deal is over and is unlikely to be worth the money in a few years.

Coming off a career high in goals that he'll never come close ti matching and a year left on his deal, i dont see why they would do this now. Coulda been done a year from now.

Peter Tessier

Well this has not been a topic of conversation on the internet has it? Marchand is a 6 million dollar player. He's good and he scores- that's his role but at age 28 where is the production going over 8 years.

Marchand is not a unique player, he does not possess some attribute that others do not have (except his nose) but he is very complete and very good but for how long? If Boston needed this piece because they were in a cup contending phase I'd understand the move. However they have an old core and I wonder if this does not hurt them long term.

By that time Marchand should be some one else's problem right? If the Bruins can get historical average production for Marchand for the next 4 seasons then yay for them after that though it's a tough price to justify and that's why I'd call this a risky deal for them.

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