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Would You Change Your Picks? I found one I would waffle on....

April 14, 2018, 10:45 AM ET [25 Comments]
Sleep is for the weak indeed!

Sometimes it only takes a game to see something you may have missed...Here is my quick look at the 8 series and any changes I might consider...

Nashville vs. Colorado... (original pick: Preds in 5);
The Avs lost Game 1, but really showed up and playing as good of a game as I have seen them play. IF they continue at that level they will need some huge goaltending to even stretch this so my pick of 5 is staying the same..

Knights vs Kings... (OG pick: Knights in 7)

I went with Vegas in 7 and after two very entertaining, low scoring games, I am sticking with this one...although Jeff Carter has to be more of a factor to even get this to 7...Doughty's return and the feeling he was wronged may energize the Kings in 3 & 4...No change.

Sharks vs. Ducks... (OG pick Sharks in 7)

Anaheim will need to get Ryan Miller in there to stretch this one to seven. San Jose is way better than people give them credit for.

Jets vs. Wild.... (OG pick Jets in 7)

The Jets may be the second best team in hockey and while everyone keeps saying the Wild haven't shown up yet I think more credit needs to go to the Jets here... I would change this one: The Jets in 6.

Penguins vs Flyers... (OG pick Pens in 7)

I think you can sort of throw out the first two games on this series...The Penguins aren't as dominating as they looked in Game 1 and the Flyers the same for game 2. I actually do believe this is a case where each team played one bad game. I never would have thought Elliott was the guy for Game 2. He is still not moving well side to side from his injury, but he is a definite gamer...and that is why he is playing...The Penguins took the gas off after the 7-0 game though.. Staying with Pens in 7...if the Flyers win game 3.

Capitals vs Blue Jackets.... (OG pick Caps in 7)

The Jackets are playing damn good hockey right now. Panarin is an absolute star. I really expected more from the Caps, but they need to return to Holtby. He is just more fit for the pressure now on this team.. I am staying with my pick...but very nervously...the winner of this series will be a force...

Tampa vs NJ... (OG pick NJ in 6)

Ok...here I may have not realized just how much the Bolts can raise their game in the post season.. I am flip flopping on this one... (Tampa in 6)

Toronto vs. Boston (OG pick Leafs in 7)

Game 1 was a disaster for Toronto, but I would need to see that happen again tonight to change my thinking on this. The Bruins collapsed down the stretch and they needed to play game 1 like it was their last. The Leafs hadn't played a meaningful game in a month...Tonight will be very different...I am trying to find an old article I wrote where I did the research, but there is an amazing correlation that whenever a team absolutely dominates game 1 of the series they lose the series...It is just hard to get back to that emotional pitch..gotta find that article, but my pick is staying the same...
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