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What if OTHER NHL teams had been named in the twitter era?

November 23, 2016, 10:00 AM ET [178 Comments]
The Vegas Golden Knights are official and of course the internet is doing its thing and hating on the name in full force. It's so predictable and so easy to tear things down. It takes no thought and seconds to destroy, it takes tons of work and years to build something...

I have been impressed so far by everything I have seen out of Vegas. The ownership, the management group, the people surrounding the team so far...they are doing it right.

Bill Foley, the team owner, is EXACTLY the kind of owner we should want in the NHL. He's passionate about everything he does. He should have been allowed to go with Black Knights, but the Golden Knights is equally solid...It's a great name and I love it.

And let's face it every name would be hated on..

Imagine if you will, what would have happened if twitter existed when the following names were announced...... (swirly dream sequences...)

the following are representative of the stupidity and simplicity of the internet...and don't represent the views of eklund, hockeybuzz, or any normal thinking person living and existing in a society. It is satire and intended to show how ridiculous people can be and how even a great team name in a great city would be torn down immediately...

"The Toronto hockey team shall be called.... the Maple Leafs"
@hockeygrammerman: Wow, you can't even spell the plural of Leaf right?
@hockeyzero: How creative! A BLUE leaf instead of a Red One...

"The Montreal hockey team shall be called...the Canadiens"
@hockeygrammerman: Again, with the spelling?

"The Vancouver hockey team shall be called....the Canucks"
@lazypuckgirl: Why not just call our team the hosers.
@insecureontarian: If they are the Canucks, the Montreal team needs to be the Frogs.

"The Ottawa team shall be called...the Senators"
@misguidedzamboniman: Perfect, take the most corrupt part of a great city!
@basementhockeyguru: Why not call us the Beavertails?

"The Philadelphia shall be called...the Flyers!"
@ManyunkMadMan: Like a Memo or something?
@Cheeswizwanda: Fly away now!

"The St Louis team shall be called...the Blues!"
@blueberryhillbilly: How uplifting! I'm drinking already...
@reallyabaseballfan: Blues singers on ice? This is Disney run amuck?

"The Los Angeles Hockey team shall be called...the Kings"
@NoCalGoodSoCalBad: typical LA. They think they rule the world
@SippingteaonManhattanBeach: Checkmate

"The Carolina team shall be called...the Hurricanes."
@boredontheboards: Yay, natural disasters that bankrupted my parents!
@Charlotten: Hooray for devastation!

"The Chicago team shall be called...The Blackhawks and have a big picture of an Indian on the jersey (and even though it's respectful....)"

Need I say more?

And on the logo...I love it. It is very creative and simple. Any team logo needs to be something cool to draw on your paperbag book cover in school...This one passes the test.

Anyway...give me your best replies to team current team names had they been named in the era of twitter...

The crew will discuss this and more on today's Buzzcast...at 1pm ET. I will be back on the show after vacation this week in Florida.

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